Poetry & Music – – Late Nights Without You with Ambient Music

Late nights without you

Oh how I miss your warmth

So cold without your embrace

Wilting away without your lips

Where have you been

Leaving me here all alone

Without knowing what I’ve done

Why did you abandon our love?

It is hard to sleep

When I am used to your scent

And your arms around my waist

All I do is weep

Hoping you’ll come back to me

I was blinded by the light

You used to shine

Over our bedroom

As your legs entangled with mine

We consumed each other

As if it was fate

That we met one another

That one fine night

You made us just a memory

I can not figure out why

The light you used to shine

Had to fade away

Left me here to cry

Without any reason

I remember

You walking out our door

Without saying a word

Making me feel as if

I never mattered

To you ever

Still shattered

I thought our love

Was endless

I was blinded by

The fake lights you

Surrounded me with

I wish

I didn’t fall so deep

In love with you

It is hard to forget

The way you made

Me feel those nights

You had me wrapped

Around your body

Missing your touch

Feeling so cold


Hard to accept

I will grow old

Without your affection.


A Girl With A Broken Heart – Poetry Video

A story about a girl
With a broken heart
She was fearless
She walked alone at night

Down the empty road
Hoping the wind
Will heal her
Unstable mind

She went to find
A new reason
To live her life
She believes

The trees
Will save her
From falling
Down so easily

Reminding her
To keep breathing
The stars shine
On her fragile skin

She is feeling
Strong again
She always knew
Love can be misleading

She let nature
Cure the numbness
She had inside

She continued
On her mission
To reconcile
Her broken heart.

Poetry – Repeating Nightmare


Running through the woods

Trying to get away from you

Stuck in this repeating nightmare

And there seems to be no way out

Of this never ending torture

Of being chased by the monster

Who abused my Mother

He took away her soul

Left her with another

She will never be the same

Ever since that day

Now all  I dream is her

Trying to run away from him

Wishing I was there

To save her from this

Never ending pain

That lives with her

She just wanted a Father

To love her

Like her friends had

But now she is glad

She does not have

To worry about him

Any longer

Her pain still lingers

But he can’t bother her

Since he has passed

Many years ago

How strong my Mother

To live on

She never gave up on herself

She deserves a medal


I love you Mommy

And I am sorry

This happened to you

If you ever need to talk

I will always be there

And if you need 

Me to hold you

At night

I promise I will try

And be by your side

I haven’t forgot

That you gave me my life

Thank you Mom

For all that

You have done

And I’m sorry

For everything

That happened to you

And can’t be fixed

I wish I could mend

Every piece of your

Broken heart.



Poem – Suffering Without You


deadtreesartI wish I could
Just walk away
From this pain
You left me with
Continuing to suffer
Without you near
Feeling insane
I fear
You will never
Come back to heal
My aching heart
Forever I
Will be torn apart
I miss you
Too much
Just to
Go on
Not without
Your touch
Hoping one day
To wake next
To your beautiful
Face again.