Micro Poetry – Sphere In The Sky


Sphere in the sky
Dark and eerie
All alone
Forever a mystery


Poem – Left Her Cold with Ambient Music


he left her

so cold

she couldn’t feel

her skin anymore

when it came to pain

she tried so hard

to believe she was

still alive

but it was getting harder

for her to breathe

without his

warm embrace

Micro Poetry – Cursed


I felt I had immortality
When I was young
Not realizing back then
All the fatality
That exists in the world
We are all cursed
By an upcoming death
That we have no control over
Just waiting for our final rest.

Poetry- Shades



The shades in the sky
Remind me of the days
When we used to play
Under the trees together
Where we stayed hidden
From the rest of reality
Just you and I
Playing until dark
Surrounded in purple hues
With only you
Drawing with chalk
On the sidewalk
Wishing it would never rain
Ever again
So our memories
Will never be erased

Short Poem – Meant To Disappear


she was rejected
they left her alone
in the pouring rain
on the corner
of the sidewalk
wondering why
no one came
to save her
feeling entirely wet
wondering why
they forgot her
she’s feeling like
she was meant
to disappear.