Broken To The Core – Micro Poetry

brokenheart (1)

She has fallen to pieces

Shattered on the floor

For everyone to witness

Broken to the core

Poem – Shattering Me


Destroying my mind
With your constant hate
Telling me I will
Never be loved
By anyone
How could you say that
When you don’t even
Know me at all?
Does it make you
Feel better
Putting me down?
Does every word make
You feel warm inside?
While it shatters me
Into tiny little pieces?
Feeling stepped on
By all my peers
No one can hear
The fear in my cries.
Wishing I could
Just be left alone
I’d rather be ignored
Then be told
I’m worthless
All the time.



Shattered and neglected
I was never loved
By any one
Never hugged
I never knew
What I did wrong
To be treated
That way
I kept it all a secret
Afraid no one
Would have believed me
Any way
I was just a child
Without a voice
My life
Forever destroyed
All they did
Was lie
When I tried
To tell the truth
The more I stayed quiet
The less I was abused.

If You Can’t Love Me…


I remain believing that you are devoted
Although I feel as if you have no emotions
Because if you did you’d tell me the truth
I feel as if you like making me confused
You keep pulling and pushing me away
Wondering if this will get better one day
Or am I just sitting around wasting my time
Lies after lies I seem get from your spine
I feel like you don’t love me any longer
I’m only growing weaker, not stronger
With all the pain that builds up inside my heart
It is better if you can’t love me, for you to depart.

What Have We Become (Short Poetry with Video)


Hard to believe
You would deceive
I feel so dumb
I feel so numb
What have we become
What is it that I have done
That would make you
Break us in two
Left me shattered on the floor
You shouldn’t have sworn
Your love for me
I wish I never knew of
Your passion
As I turn to ashes

Poetry Video:

Shattered Feelings


She was left broken
Torn into pieces
Shattered feelings
Knees on the floor
Tears falling
She’s lost control
Of her senses
She thinks there is
No reason
For living anymore
She wishes
She wasn’t taken
For granted
Once again
She drinks
Away the pain
He left her with
Making her feel
Useless and impure.

His Pillow


Sleeping without
His face
Next to mine
I feel
Out of place
Where did
The time go
Nothing left
To hold on to
I sleep with
Tears running
Down from
My eyes
Wishing he’d
Come back
I still grasp
The pillow
He left behind

Reeking Heart

Struggling in this suffocation
Your successful
At the illustration
Tripped me down the stairs

Broken bones and bruises
Looking up at the ceiling
Your love is confusing
I am just a plaything

Thrown around and used
Over and over again
You look at me amused
Our love a hurricane

I arise to stay strong
I am honestly weak
Won’t admit your wrong
My heart burns and reeks

Ignored and shattered
I lay days in bed silently
You left me battered
And hard to identify