She Never Knew


She never knew
What love felt like
As she grew up
The more she was abandoned
Once she turned eighteen
She was fully forgotten
She began to walk
The streets at night
Wishing someone would
Finally keep her around
For more than a minute



she is alone
in the dark
afraid of
the unknown
hard to
avoid the thoughts
in her head
they gain control
of her sanity
the voices
slowly make
her go insane
she no longer
can feel
her brain
she’s fading away
for eternity
she’s the devil
in disguise

Broken Home


She grew up in a broken home

With torn up clothes

Her hair was never brushed

She lived like this for months

Until her mother found a man

Who moved them out

And kept them clean

She felt proud of her mom

For finding someone

Who cared enough

To take care of them

Soon to realize he was

Not a friend at all

But a man with intentions

To beat and batter

A fragile woman and child

Their lives did not matter

Tears of guilt roll down

Her mother’s bruised cheeks

Her daughter with courage

Takes  her hand and encourages

Her mother to run away from this man

But her mother wanted his luxury

Her greed took over her mind

She didn’t want to leave her mother behind

So she stayed with her

Although she was worried

His anger only got worse and worse

With the more he drank his whiskey

Soon her mother became like him

Drank herself to her grave

Her daughter was left with the man

Her mother thought was the one

But the one was greedy and mean

She wishes that she had run

Because not soon after her mother’s death

The man tortured and abused her

More and more

Everyday since then

He had no soul,

He was so cruel.

Soon the girl passes away

From the wounds he gave