Poem About A Crush – Shy Girl – Poetry Video with Music

Reminding myself to breathe

As you walk by me

Do I dare to speak

Or keep silent?

It is hard to decide

What choice I will make

As you are getting closer

I panic

I don’t say a word

Regrets rush through my mind

Within seconds

I could have

Told you how I was feeling

Afraid of rejection

I live in this constant fear

Wondering when I will let you in my life

Tired of being shy

I just want to tell you

How I feel

Without any worries…


Poetry – Two Worlds Apart


We’re two worlds apart
If we collide into each other
We may not connect like
I’d hope we would
We might explode instead
So I stay in denial
I pretend I don’t need you
But I am tearing up inside
Wishing I was brave enough
To look into your eyes
As you walk by
But my anxiety fills my head

Poetry – Collapsed


She collapsed

The night

Her heart

Was shattered

Fainted over

Something that

Never mattered

It was hard

For her to

Stay sober

Since that

Day in late


Wishing she

Can feel sane

Without his passion

But the pain

Still remains.

Poetry & Music – – Late Nights Without You with Ambient Music

Late nights without you

Oh how I miss your warmth

So cold without your embrace

Wilting away without your lips

Where have you been

Leaving me here all alone

Without knowing what I’ve done

Why did you abandon our love?

It is hard to sleep

When I am used to your scent

And your arms around my waist

All I do is weep

Hoping you’ll come back to me

I was blinded by the light

You used to shine

Over our bedroom

As your legs entangled with mine

We consumed each other

As if it was fate

That we met one another

That one fine night

You made us just a memory

I can not figure out why

The light you used to shine

Had to fade away

Left me here to cry

Without any reason

I remember

You walking out our door

Without saying a word

Making me feel as if

I never mattered

To you ever

Still shattered

I thought our love

Was endless

I was blinded by

The fake lights you

Surrounded me with

I wish

I didn’t fall so deep

In love with you

It is hard to forget

The way you made

Me feel those nights

You had me wrapped

Around your body

Missing your touch

Feeling so cold


Hard to accept

I will grow old

Without your affection.

Poem – Suffering Without You


deadtreesartI wish I could
Just walk away
From this pain
You left me with
Continuing to suffer
Without you near
Feeling insane
I fear
You will never
Come back to heal
My aching heart
Forever I
Will be torn apart
I miss you
Too much
Just to
Go on
Not without
Your touch
Hoping one day
To wake next
To your beautiful
Face again.

Poetry- You Said You Never Left…


you said
you never
but if
that was
why would
take my
heart and
rip it
in two
as you
injected yourself
within her
hoping for
a family
with another
you did
leave me
i was
by someone who says
they care for me
i still forgave
you for
and i
can only
hope i don’t
live in

Short Poetry – Transparent Lies


his lies were transparent

she chose to be blind

she wanted to stay in denial

she wanted him to be with her

until the end of time

she didn’t want to be alone

she pretended not to know

that he has been cheating

she felt there was no reason

to ever let him go.

Poetry – Adventures Together


We live carelessly

Walking on the Earth together

Always going on adventures

Looking for new treasures

To cherish forever

Hand in hand

With only our belongings

On our backs

Only needing each other

And just a few snacks

Knowing we were

Meant to survive together

Til the end of time.


Poetry – Erasing You From My Mind


You promised me
You wouldn’t leave
Me behind
This time
But here I am
Standing alone
Next to my car
Not knowing
Where you are
Not answering
Your phone
Like your too busy
To acknowledge me
Well watch as I
Drive away from you
For eternity
I am giving
Up on your
so-called love
I will never
Go back to hoping
You will care
For me
I am erasing
You from my mind
And opening my heart
For another
Who will
Actually appreciate me.