Micro Poetry- Days I Felt Alright


Trying to remember the days when I felt alright

It was before we met and I gave you my life

Although when he first touched I thought you were only mine

I believed you were flawless until I figured out your lies

Poetry – Starving For Attention

i am starving for your attention
as i am sitting here ignored
i forgot what it felt like
to be noticed by you
or even hear your voice
the way you used to sound
when you told me
you will always be there
you decided to build a wall
and you don’t seem
to want to break it down
when all i want is for you to fall
back into my arms
and whisper the words you
used to share from your heart
your silence does more harm
than you will ever know
tearing me apart every second
feeling as if i am a ghost
in the house that we built
what hurts the most is that
you don’t even seem concerned.

Poem – The Day He Left (Long Haiku – 3 Paragraphs)


Her heart stopped beating

The day he walked out the door

She fell to the ground

Not making a sound

She looks up at the ceiling

Feeling to broken

To want to move on

She lies there waiting for him

Hoping he returns


Poetry- You Said You Never Left…


you said
you never
but if
that was
why would
take my
heart and
rip it
in two
as you
injected yourself
within her
hoping for
a family
with another
you did
leave me
i was
by someone who says
they care for me
i still forgave
you for
and i
can only
hope i don’t
live in

Short Poetry – Transparent Lies


his lies were transparent

she chose to be blind

she wanted to stay in denial

she wanted him to be with her

until the end of time

she didn’t want to be alone

she pretended not to know

that he has been cheating

she felt there was no reason

to ever let him go.

Poetry – Adventures Together


We live carelessly

Walking on the Earth together

Always going on adventures

Looking for new treasures

To cherish forever

Hand in hand

With only our belongings

On our backs

Only needing each other

And just a few snacks

Knowing we were

Meant to survive together

Til the end of time.


Silence Between Us (Micro Poetry)


silence between us

what does it mean

something I can’t see

we forgot to nourish

each other’s needs

instead we are distant

we’re constantly resistant

no reason to proceed.

Always Fighting


What have we become
These horrible monsters
Always fighting
Back and forth
Calling eachother worthless
Yet here we are
Kissing again
Under the covers
As if we will always
Forgive another
Like we will always
Need eachother
Although we yell and scream
And call each other names
We still need the love
Under the sheets
We still need to caress another
No matter how bad
The arguements get
No matter what words we may say
We always end up forgetting
And staying together
Endless tears between us
But we both don’t show them
Hidden inside as we collide
Our bodies as if it’s going to
Be our last time

If You Can’t Love Me…


I remain believing that you are devoted
Although I feel as if you have no emotions
Because if you did you’d tell me the truth
I feel as if you like making me confused
You keep pulling and pushing me away
Wondering if this will get better one day
Or am I just sitting around wasting my time
Lies after lies I seem get from your spine
I feel like you don’t love me any longer
I’m only growing weaker, not stronger
With all the pain that builds up inside my heart
It is better if you can’t love me, for you to depart.