Micro Poetry- Days I Felt Alright


Trying to remember the days when I felt alright

It was before we met and I gave you my life

Although when he first touched I thought you were only mine

I believed you were flawless until I figured out your lies

Sad Poetry – Let Me Fall


Let me fall to the cold ground

Let me make my final sound

Let me drain onto the floor

I don’t want to live like this any more…


The Night We Embraced- Poetry



I remember the night we embraced

At around midnight

Under the moonlight

But it wasn’t fate

We were not meant to be

Years have gone by

And I still wonder why

That is all we ever had…



Poem – The Day He Left (Long Haiku – 3 Paragraphs)


Her heart stopped beating

The day he walked out the door

She fell to the ground

Not making a sound

She looks up at the ceiling

Feeling to broken

To want to move on

She lies there waiting for him

Hoping he returns


This Pain I Have — Micro Poetry


I am a mess

Full of stress

Wishing I was

Someone else

Hard to breathe

I want to leave

Need to release

The pain I have

Within myself


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