Poetry Video – Painkillers


Poem About A Crush – Shy Girl – Poetry Video with Music

Reminding myself to breathe

As you walk by me

Do I dare to speak

Or keep silent?

It is hard to decide

What choice I will make

As you are getting closer

I panic

I don’t say a word

Regrets rush through my mind

Within seconds

I could have

Told you how I was feeling

Afraid of rejection

I live in this constant fear

Wondering when I will let you in my life

Tired of being shy

I just want to tell you

How I feel

Without any worries…

Our Love Is Gone – Poetry Video

He told me he loved me

Under the rain

When he spoke my name

I didn’t feel any pain

Like I used to

When I was alone

Surrounded in silence

It drove me insane…

So glad that I met him

Before it was too late

I honestly…

Was getting sick of breathing

Before he came into my life…

Now after years together

He tells me he is leaving me…

As if it is so easy

Just to walk away

From what he called love


I feel our love was a lie

Since he abandoned me

I wish I wasn’t blinded

By the passion he gave

I realize

I was just used

I was just a mistake

He said he wasted days

Of not telling me the truth

That this was the only way

And I have to accept

That we are no longer together

And that he regrets

He didn’t tell me sooner

He said he was sorry

That he hurried to fast

Into something he knew

Would never last

I was in shock

With the words he said

It’s hard to believe

I spent years with him

To find out he always had a plan

To leave me eventually


I try to understand

But it is hard

I feel like I will never be enough

For anyone to love

My heart shattered

It’s hard to breathe

I don’t want to go on

Feeling this broken

Everyone tells me to forget

But it seems impossible

I miss him too much

It sucks, I’m not enough

Growing weaker without him

I know I seem pathetic

But I gave him my all

When I decided to fall

For his sweet taste

From his lips

I will always miss

The nights we had

I still ache inside

Wishing we could still collide

Back into each other’s arms

Only in my dreams

I can have him now

It is hard to admit

I was never enough

For him to commit

I have no choice

But to continue life

Without his perfect face.

A Girl With A Broken Heart – Poetry Video

A story about a girl
With a broken heart
She was fearless
She walked alone at night

Down the empty road
Hoping the wind
Will heal her
Unstable mind

She went to find
A new reason
To live her life
She believes

The trees
Will save her
From falling
Down so easily

Reminding her
To keep breathing
The stars shine
On her fragile skin

She is feeling
Strong again
She always knew
Love can be misleading

She let nature
Cure the numbness
She had inside

She continued
On her mission
To reconcile
Her broken heart.

Poetry Video- About A Girl


Lost girl
All alone
Without a
Place to
Feel safe
She walks
The streets
No respect
For herself
No longer
A human
A disgrace
To her race
An immoral
Piece of garbage
She’s told
To her face
She wishes
She can change
Feeling it’s
Too late
The past
Can’t be undone
She will always
Be the girl
Who wandered
The streets
She falls
To her knees
Begs for
With tears
In her eyes
Hoping for
A different

Poem – The Darkness Stays


The darkness
Stays with her
Like a disease
She can’t control
There’s no end
To this thing
Taking over
Her mind
She’s fading
More everyday
She’s only
Getting worse
As days pass by
Wishing I
Can fix her
Sadness that
Lurks within
Her brain.

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Poetry Video – Smart Girl

She used to be a smart girl
Always made it to class
Studied every night after school
Until one day
She met some students
They asked her if she wanted to try
Something different
Telling her it will make her feel better
So she tried it
She became addicted
She stopped caring about her homework
Instead she wanted to get high
With her friends on school nights
She started to steal so she could own
What her friends expected her to have
One night she had too much to drink and smoke
Without knowing it she
Passed out at a party
It wasn’t long after that
Her life ended
By an overdose
No one understood
Why she didn’t
Stay a smart girl
And why she
Chose to be
Popular instead.

Poetry Video – Where Do I Belong?

Where do I belong
In this world
Full of perfection
I’m not meant
To be colorful
With a constant smile
On my naive face
I can’t be like them
I wish I knew
What it was like
To be that euphoric
I remind myself
That no one is
That anyone can be
Solid at appearing
To be normal
When they can be
Just like me
Faking it
Keeping their
Deep inside their minds

Poetry Video – Replaced

She was empty

She felt alone

Hard to hold

On to her life

She slept

With tears

Running down

Her face

She never

Understood why

She was replaced

No one told her

Why she was unwanted

She was stranded

Without a soul

To love her.

Fade Away (Poetry with Video)

Her eyes were dazzling
As she was imagining
What it be like to fly
What it felt like to get high
She laid down in ectasy
She was free mentally
With her eyes closed
She loved to get stoned
She didn’t let anyone know
That she was always in woe
She kept her sadness hidden
She wanted to keep it unwritten
She slowly drowned herself
Stopped caring about her health
Her skin eventually turned black and blue
There was nothing anybody could do
It was to late to save her
As she was abusing over the years
In the hospital she regrets
That she never confessed
Her eternal despair
She felt like no one would have cared
To hear of her depression
That drugs were her obsession
That using made her feel real
It was how she needed to deal
With the sorrows in her life
Instead of ending it with her knife
She swallowed pill after pill
The more she took the more she got ill
The pain was severe
But she wanted to disappear
She felt this was the only way
To finally fade away.