Sad Poetry – Let Me Fall


Let me fall to the cold ground

Let me make my final sound

Let me drain onto the floor

I don’t want to live like this any more…


The Night We Embraced- Poetry



I remember the night we embraced

At around midnight

Under the moonlight

But it wasn’t fate

We were not meant to be

Years have gone by

And I still wonder why

That is all we ever had…



Poem – The Day He Left (Long Haiku – 3 Paragraphs)


Her heart stopped beating

The day he walked out the door

She fell to the ground

Not making a sound

She looks up at the ceiling

Feeling to broken

To want to move on

She lies there waiting for him

Hoping he returns


Poem – Tired of Pretending

sad (2)

i have been played
and I have been playing
this is delayed
but i am tired of pretending
stop the lying
admit your wrongs
as i am dying
it is hard to stay strong
i may have been
in a constant denial
since I have known
but it is the way i deal
with everything i know
it wasn’t right
but it is hard to explain
how i really feel
i’d rather stay in the dark
then to start a fight
i am tired of this pain
i just want to let it out
i want to scream
on the top of my lungs
for you to finally understand
i need all these feelingsĀ 

i have built up inside

to finally go free

so i can keep what’s left of my sanity

Sad Love Poetry – A Dead Rose


Their love was dead
Like the rose on the ground
That she dropped
On accident once she found
Her lover with a woman
She never met before
Caressing her hair with his fingertips
staring into each other’s eyes
Not even noticing she was there watching
She runs from his deceit
Leaving his rose behind.

Poem – Death at Twenty-Three


she’s feeling faint
becoming pale
her mind diminishing
her skin frail

losing her hair
as she’s lying there
without a care
all she does is stare

it was tough
to watch her fade
on her last days
she decayed drastically

it was hard
to leave her side
once they announced
her final breath

i couldn’t believe
just at the age of twenty-three
my friend could be
taken away from me
so easily