Micro Poetry – Sphere In The Sky


Sphere in the sky
Dark and eerie
All alone
Forever a mystery


Lost in Space


she feels like she is falling
in an endless emptiness
darkness surrounding her
she slowly stops breathing
she’s choking
trying to wake up
there is no hope
forever lost in space

Poem- Unknown Darkness


my heart aches

i can feel

it beating faster

than usual

i hate this feeling

of being so broken

i am kneeling

praying someday

i will see you again

but i know it wont be

until i fade away

into the unknown darkness

Micro Poetry – Cursed


I felt I had immortality
When I was young
Not realizing back then
All the fatality
That exists in the world
We are all cursed
By an upcoming death
That we have no control over
Just waiting for our final rest.