Haiku Poetry – Hidden Secrets


Her secrets hidden

Within her neurotic mind

Retains her silence


A Dark Cloud


Watching your life fade away

Behind the scenes before your funeral

I still decide to stay

Although your not doing well

I am broken to the core

But I stay in denial

So I can be strong for you instead

And I don’t know why

I put you first before myself

Did you get inside my head?

How do you get to control me like this?

I know I am weak

I don’t know how to move on

When your hovering over me

Like a dark cloud


Poem – The Darkness Stays


The darkness
Stays with her
Like a disease
She can’t control
There’s no end
To this thing
Taking over
Her mind
She’s fading
More everyday
She’s only
Getting worse
As days pass by
Wishing I
Can fix her
Sadness that
Lurks within
Her brain.

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Poetry – Zombie


I’m under the night sky
Staring up at the clouds
Wishing I can wish upon
The brightest star
In hope my wish would
Come true this time
I need to be healed
From the lies
That have poisoned
My mind
I’ve lost all control
Of my emotions
A walking zombie
Is what I have become.

Her Sadness (Micro Poetry)


She walked deeper into the woods
To find a reason for living
She felt like she was fading
From all her sadness
That lingered
Endlessly within her.


Afraid of Being Rejected (Micro Poetry)


i wrote

a letter

to him

one day

just to say

that i

loved his

face but

i kept it


never sent

it as

i was

afraid of

being rejected


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