Twenty Word Poetry – He Cheats


he is killing me

slowly with his lies

telling me I’m

all he needs

but behind my

back he cheats


Ten Word Poetry – Tangled



Forever tangled

In an

Unending lie


You and I

Short Poetry – Transparent Lies

his lies were transparent

she chose to be blind

she wanted to stay in denial

she wanted him to be with her

until the end of time

she didn’t want to be alone

she pretended not to know

that he has been cheating

she felt there was no reason

to ever let him go.

Sad Love Poem – Shattering


If you look deep

In her glossy eyes

You can tell

That she has cried

For many years

Night after night

Still trying to deal with

Her constant fight

To live with

Fear and resentment

For someone she

Thought she had loved once

She has learned

After time had passed

That love is blind

Her heart made of glass

She’s shattering fast

From all the lies.


Poetry – Zombie


I’m under the night sky
Staring up at the clouds
Wishing I can wish upon
The brightest star
In hope my wish would
Come true this time
I need to be healed
From the lies
That have poisoned
My mind
I’ve lost all control
Of my emotions
A walking zombie
Is what I have become.

You’ve Changed


i noticed you’ve changed
you forgot to kiss me goodnight
purposely starting fights
your acting deranged
i can see in your eyes
that your not telling the truth
i wish you’d stop with your lies
i’m getting tired of the abuse
your words are shattering me
i am getting weaker
i hope you can see
you’ve turned into a creature
without any remorse
forgetting i have feelings
i’m a living corpse
hanging on only to what i believe in.

I Was Naive (Short Poetry)


Hard to believe
You only spoke lies
I was naive
You messed with
My emotions
Then you just left
Without saying a word
No longer devoted
It’s hard to stay strong
When I feel so weak
My heart aches
I shouldn’t have
Told you I
Had feelings
For you
In the first place.