Poem – The Day He Left (Long Haiku – 3 Paragraphs)


Her heart stopped beating

The day he walked out the door

She fell to the ground

Not making a sound

She looks up at the ceiling

Feeling to broken

To want to move on

She lies there waiting for him

Hoping he returns


Poem – She’s Numb


she’s numb
without him
remembering when
she used
to be only his
her heart
continues to ache
as she sees
him with another
her world
started to crumble
into millions of pieces
right in front of him
but he pretended
he never knew her
as he walked by
making her
her eyes fill
with endless cries
wishing she
didn’t feel so lonely
in her room at night
wondering why
she was told only lies.

Poem- Unknown Darkness


my heart aches

i can feel

it beating faster

than usual

i hate this feeling

of being so broken

i am kneeling

praying someday

i will see you again

but i know it wont be

until i fade away

into the unknown darkness

Sad Ambient Music with Poetry – Let Me Go

Will you let me go

This time for real

Stop trying to steal

My heart

Always torn

After you leave

Wishing I would

Stop believing

You will always be

The guy for me

When in reality

Your made of stone

You must have no emotion

To let me always go alone

I need to forget

These broken memories

Of you and I

Stop thinking you will change

For somebody like me

I am not worthy

Of your devotion

Always leaving

Me feeling dirty

And heart broken.



You Shattered Me – Micro Poetry

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you shattered me
into thousands
making me debris
within seconds
after i saw you
kissing her passionately
difficult to subdue
since you left me indefinitely

Being Played


my heart aches
he made me break
i fell to the floor
i don’t need
anymore derangement
he’s always
leaving me
i’m annoyed
by his behavior
making me believe
I was the failure
my heart can’t take
any more pain
i’ve turned
losing control
of my brain
it’s hard to stay
sane when
i’m always
being played.

I Was Naive (Short Poetry)


Hard to believe
You only spoke lies
I was naive
You messed with
My emotions
Then you just left
Without saying a word
No longer devoted
It’s hard to stay strong
When I feel so weak
My heart aches
I shouldn’t have
Told you I
Had feelings
For you
In the first place.