In Rage – Micro Poetry


I tore out of my cage

Blacked out in rage

Now let me watch

You fade away…



Poem – The Darkness Stays


The darkness
Stays with her
Like a disease
She can’t control
There’s no end
To this thing
Taking over
Her mind
She’s fading
More everyday
She’s only
Getting worse
As days pass by
Wishing I
Can fix her
Sadness that
Lurks within
Her brain.

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Micro Poetry – She Doesn’t Realize


she’s occupied with
swallowing her pills
she’s becoming
she doesn’t realize
what she is taking
she is fading
into a permanent darkness.

In The Middle – Micro Poetry


I forgot what it was like being little

Most memories have faded away

I only remember beingĀ  in the middle

Of my sister’s fights

All I wanted was for them to get along

But it seemed impossible

They both felt strong

To continue to hate each other.


Tears of Pain (Short Poetry)


there is an ocean
in my eyes
it has progressed
after so many cries
tears of pain
i can’t get him
out of my brain
i wish the waves
would fade
and the rain would stop
but this storm is
only getting stronger
weighing me down
i’m drowning quietly
in my own misery

Her Sadness (Micro Poetry)


She walked deeper into the woods
To find a reason for living
She felt like she was fading
From all her sadness
That lingered
Endlessly within her.


You Changed


I feel like you want me gone

Far away from our home

I am no longer strong

I have become weak

I am falling apart it seems

No one to help me up

From this mess I created

Again we have faded

It was adrupt

The way you changed

Your feelings for me

Leaving me drained

With all this pain

It is sinking in my brain

I grab my skin hard

Just to remind myself

I am still alive and

I need to survive

This one last time

I will shine again, I promise.