Haiku ~ Moonlight


Cherish the moonlight

As it shines upon the Earth


Poetry – Adventures Together


We live carelessly

Walking on the Earth together

Always going on adventures

Looking for new treasures

To cherish forever

Hand in hand

With only our belongings

On our backs

Only needing each other

And just a few snacks

Knowing we were

Meant to survive together

Til the end of time.


No Worries


I felt dirt between my toes
As I walked on the road
Without my shoes
It was rough and cold
I stared up into the sky
Just for the thrill
I didn’t know why
It gave me a chill
I picked a few flowers
And put them in my hair
I was outside for hours
I played without a care
I had no worries
I wasn’t afraid to die
I scraped my knees
And never cried
I laid in the grass
And took a rest
Time went by fast
I only have memories left


I Used To


I used to run in the fields
Under the light blue sky
Pulling out weeds
And catching butterflies
The trees made a melody
As I raced around them
I played aimlessly
Felt overwhelmed
With the stunning
Beauty that surrounded me
As I was running
Carelessly in the fields
When I was young
Jumping in the mud
Under the bright sun
That was the best feeling
I had as a child
I felt completely free
A place where I
Allowed myself to smile


star-clusters-74052_960_720.jpgShe walks the path again
To take away her pain
Her heart, too fragile
Her threads unravel

Mind filled with torture
Hard to look in the mirror
She returns to the only place
Where she can not be traced.

She walks the earth
With a frown on her face
No one knows why
She’d rather be in space

Her favorite time to walk
Is when it is raining and dark
She wants to be left a mystery
She does not want any publicity.

She walks the earth
With a frown on her face
No one knows why
She’d rather be in space.