Poetry Video – Painkillers


Poetry – White Horse


she used to be resplendent
Before she took a chance
with a white horse
she liked the feeling
of stradding
through the fields
full of snow
she was lost in her mind
constantly craving
the powder
she fell
into a drug-induced coma
that caused
deadly brain damage….
a pretty girl
found the wrong prince
she trusted him
with his white horse
she didn’t have
a happy ending
like Cinderella
she lost more
than a glass slipper
she lost her life when
she had her final breath
once the doctor  said
there was no hope
and asked her


mom to pulled the plug…


if only she knew


when she was young


not to trust someone


with wrong intentions


he just wanted her money


he didn’t care if she lived or died


when he handed her


the dragon that


ended her life.

Poetry Video – Smart Girl

She used to be a smart girl
Always made it to class
Studied every night after school
Until one day
She met some students
They asked her if she wanted to try
Something different
Telling her it will make her feel better
So she tried it
She became addicted
She stopped caring about her homework
Instead she wanted to get high
With her friends on school nights
She started to steal so she could own
What her friends expected her to have
One night she had too much to drink and smoke
Without knowing it she
Passed out at a party
It wasn’t long after that
Her life ended
By an overdose
No one understood
Why she didn’t
Stay a smart girl
And why she
Chose to be
Popular instead.

Poem – Refusing To Be Saved


You’re pathetic

The way you lie

Pretending to be sympathetic

As you’re insanely high

Acting like I can’t tell

You’ve changed your ways

I know you too well

I’m slowly watching you decay

With every drug you misuse

You’re making less sound

Refusing to be saved

I’m observing your final days


Fade Away (Poetry with Video)

Her eyes were dazzling
As she was imagining
What it be like to fly
What it felt like to get high
She laid down in ectasy
She was free mentally
With her eyes closed
She loved to get stoned
She didn’t let anyone know
That she was always in woe
She kept her sadness hidden
She wanted to keep it unwritten
She slowly drowned herself
Stopped caring about her health
Her skin eventually turned black and blue
There was nothing anybody could do
It was to late to save her
As she was abusing over the years
In the hospital she regrets
That she never confessed
Her eternal despair
She felt like no one would have cared
To hear of her depression
That drugs were her obsession
That using made her feel real
It was how she needed to deal
With the sorrows in her life
Instead of ending it with her knife
She swallowed pill after pill
The more she took the more she got ill
The pain was severe
But she wanted to disappear
She felt this was the only way
To finally fade away.

My Daddy


there was a time
when I called him daddy
he made me shine
i was happy
but sadly
he no longer speaks to me
my daddy
why can’t you see
i am breaking down
with out your hugs
i am drowning
as your on drugs
i wonder
if he ever was real
i only watched him suffer
he’d forgotten how to feel
his depression worsened
he stayed in deep thought
i was certain
he was distraught
as days passed
he stayed in his bed
i was left in the past
as if he thought i was dead
inside i was
I was dead without him
it was because
of his drug use
he abused
and abused
i was confused
i became used to
being ignored
left in the dark
i laid on the floor
hoping he’d come back
goodbye my daddy
i loved you
but you were addicted
and there was nothing
i could do
oh how i loved you
even though you
forgot i existed
i wish you would’ve listened
to my voice calling your name
you were my daddy
we will never be the same
you were never truly happy
you had a sickness
that couldn’t be fixed
nothing in your life
besides drugs
made you feel right
and you made them
take over your mind
you let them win
stole all your time
i didn’t get a minute
to get to know the real man
that created my existence
he kept distant