Six Word Poetry – Depressed Mind


A depressed mind

Never stops



This Horrible Place – Poetry


Little girl
Crying again
Wishing her pain
Would finally end
Hiding under her bed
With her baby blanket
Wishing she were dead
Instead of him
Coming for more
She told him she
Was too sore
For another beating
No point in fighting
It only gets worse
Curse word after
Curse word coming
From his mouth
She feels sickened inside
Never understanding why
She was the one
He chosen to torture
She goes to sleep
Bleeding everynight
Her mother a drug addict
Working the corners
To make a little cash
Only to get home
To be called a whore
Loud enough for her
To wake up
Just to hear more beating
But this time it
Was her mother
Taking the torture
He loved to afflict pain
On both of them
As if they were his
Punching bags
Being used everyday
Just wishing for
The day someone comes
And takes her away
From this horrible place


Poem- Bleeding


why can’t you
see me bleeding
here on our sheets
constantly crying
for you to save me
slowly dying
i just want to
stop breathing
i want to relinquish
tired of this misery
your watching
me break
like im just made
of porcelain
a doll for
you to mess
with any way
you please

Poem – The Darkness Stays


The darkness
Stays with her
Like a disease
She can’t control
There’s no end
To this thing
Taking over
Her mind
She’s fading
More everyday
She’s only
Getting worse
As days pass by
Wishing I
Can fix her
Sadness that
Lurks within
Her brain.

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Short Poem – Meant To Disappear


she was rejected
they left her alone
in the pouring rain
on the corner
of the sidewalk
wondering why
no one came
to save her
feeling entirely wet
wondering why
they forgot her
she’s feeling like
she was meant
to disappear.

Poetry – Party Girl



she’s not as innocent
as you think she is
she has a bad side
no one knows of yet
wait until she goes
out at night
drinking her liquor
and smoking her cigarettes
she’s a party girl
begging for attention
she needs men
to use and abuse her
letting them
walk her home
you would think
she had no emotions
you would think
she had no soul
but she got tired
of trying to find love
instead of fighting
she goes out
to have fun
forgetting she
ever had feelings.

Poem – Shattering Me


Destroying my mind
With your constant hate
Telling me I will
Never be loved
By anyone
How could you say that
When you don’t even
Know me at all?
Does it make you
Feel better
Putting me down?
Does every word make
You feel warm inside?
While it shatters me
Into tiny little pieces?
Feeling stepped on
By all my peers
No one can hear
The fear in my cries.
Wishing I could
Just be left alone
I’d rather be ignored
Then be told
I’m worthless
All the time.