Sad Poetry – Let Me Fall


Let me fall to the cold ground

Let me make my final sound

Let me drain onto the floor

I don’t want to live like this any more…


Poem – Drowning


Drowning in an endless ocean of tears

Wishing I could have you near

But you can’t hear my cries

Your no longer alive

Wishing I had told you

How I felt

Long time ago

When I first felt butterflies

As you walked by

Now all I can do is cry

Surrounded in a World

Of regrets

Wishing I could

See you again one last time

But I know it

Won’t happen

A deep emptiness

Lingers within me

Memories of your face

Are fading

I  hope I get another chance

In my next lifetime

To meet you again

And have the courage

To tell you

How I feel.


Poem – The Darkness Stays


The darkness
Stays with her
Like a disease
She can’t control
There’s no end
To this thing
Taking over
Her mind
She’s fading
More everyday
She’s only
Getting worse
As days pass by
Wishing I
Can fix her
Sadness that
Lurks within
Her brain.

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Short Poem – Meant To Disappear


she was rejected
they left her alone
in the pouring rain
on the corner
of the sidewalk
wondering why
no one came
to save her
feeling entirely wet
wondering why
they forgot her
she’s feeling like
she was meant
to disappear.

Poetry Video – Smart Girl

She used to be a smart girl
Always made it to class
Studied every night after school
Until one day
She met some students
They asked her if she wanted to try
Something different
Telling her it will make her feel better
So she tried it
She became addicted
She stopped caring about her homework
Instead she wanted to get high
With her friends on school nights
She started to steal so she could own
What her friends expected her to have
One night she had too much to drink and smoke
Without knowing it she
Passed out at a party
It wasn’t long after that
Her life ended
By an overdose
No one understood
Why she didn’t
Stay a smart girl
And why she
Chose to be
Popular instead.

Poem – She’s On A Ledge


She’s on a ledge
About to fall
Ready to crash
Into a heap
Of emptiness
She’s been
Waiting for
This moment
To come
She’s ready
To transfer
Her spirit
Into a
New body

To get rid

Of her sadness

That has been

Controlling her

For so long.

Micro Poetry – She Doesn’t Realize


she’s occupied with
swallowing her pills
she’s becoming
she doesn’t realize
what she is taking
she is fading
into a permanent darkness.

Hidden Message – Micro Poetry


She wrote
Soon she’ll be dead
On a piece of paper
She had it hidden
In her room
Under some books
In hope no one
Will find it
Before she
Decides to
Take her final breath.

Poetry Video – Where Do I Belong?

Where do I belong
In this world
Full of perfection
I’m not meant
To be colorful
With a constant smile
On my naive face
I can’t be like them
I wish I knew
What it was like
To be that euphoric
I remind myself
That no one is
That anyone can be
Solid at appearing
To be normal
When they can be
Just like me
Faking it
Keeping their
Deep inside their minds