Poem – She’s Numb


she’s numb
without him
remembering when
she used
to be only his
her heart
continues to ache
as she sees
him with another
her world
started to crumble
into millions of pieces
right in front of him
but he pretended
he never knew her
as he walked by
making her
her eyes fill
with endless cries
wishing she
didn’t feel so lonely
in her room at night
wondering why
she was told only lies.


Poem – Two Empty Souls


two empty souls
both living alone
in a world so cold
no one to hold
as their tears
run down their eyes
there is no one near
to hear their cries
screaming inside
wishing they could find
someone to collide into
wondering why it is hard to
meet someone that will
take their hand and
love them
like everyone else has
both feeling torn
in their bedroom
all alone
letting their sadness
consume them
while lying on
their matress
staring up at their ceiling
daydreaming of falling
in love someday
before they fade away

Poem- Bleeding


why can’t you
see me bleeding
here on our sheets
constantly crying
for you to save me
slowly dying
i just want to
stop breathing
i want to relinquish
tired of this misery
your watching
me break
like im just made
of porcelain
a doll for
you to mess
with any way
you please

Poem – Drifting Apart


drifting apart
as days
pass us
slowly by
i don’t
know why
we are
fading away
when our
love used
to be
so strong
wondering if
i have
done something
to deserve
being ignored
i pretend
i don’t feel
around you now
that every
time i
used to cry
you walked
away never
asking why
i was upset
the one
who used
to love me
left me
long ago
and left
me with
a stranger

Poem – Precious Time


Standing alone
In the dark
Wondering where
You are
Left me here
Like I was
To you
I forgot
What it’s
Like to
Have feelings
I feel tears
Make me weak
I avoid crying
Over you
Over and over
Again and again
Why am I so dumb
To let myself
Get this numb
Over a guy
Who never
Thought I was
Enough for him
Oh how I
Wish I never
Wasted my
Precious time.

Poem – Dark Sad Girl


Dark sad girl
Wearing all black
Staring at her phone
With her tears filling up
Trying to not let
Anyone see
The pain
That’s controlling her
Every waking hour of everyday
When she walks by
She keeps her eyes
Staring at the ground
Hoping no one
Will see
Her endless cries
Trying not to make a sound
As she continues to hide
Her sorrows
It’s hard for her
To be happy
She never felt
That she belonged
In this world
Created by God.