Poem – She’s Numb


she’s numb
without him
remembering when
she used
to be only his
her heart
continues to ache
as she sees
him with another
her world
started to crumble
into millions of pieces
right in front of him
but he pretended
he never knew her
as he walked by
making her
her eyes fill
with endless cries
wishing she
didn’t feel so lonely
in her room at night
wondering why
she was told only lies.


Twenty Word Poetry – He Cheats


he is killing me

slowly with his lies

telling me I’m

all he needs

but behind my

back he cheats

Short Poetry – Transparent Lies


his lies were transparent

she chose to be blind

she wanted to stay in denial

she wanted him to be with her

until the end of time

she didn’t want to be alone

she pretended not to know

that he has been cheating

she felt there was no reason

to ever let him go.

You Shattered Me – Micro Poetry

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you shattered me
into thousands
making me debris
within seconds
after i saw you
kissing her passionately
difficult to subdue
since you left me indefinitely



Jealousy rages
Through her veins
She feels unwell
Wishing she
Could change
How she felt
Hard to deal
With the anger
Built up inside
She can’t get
Him out of her mind
She believes
She can’t live
Without him near
She fears
She won’t heal
This time around
He found
A new romance
That left him
In a trance
Away from
Her embrace
It’s hard to
Get his face
Out of her head
She wishes
She were dead
Than without him
Missing his kisses
Knowing he is
Cuddling her instead
In their old bed
Leaving her jealous
And feeling useless