Our Love Is Gone – Poetry Video

He told me he loved me

Under the rain

When he spoke my name

I didn’t feel any pain

Like I used to

When I was alone

Surrounded in silence

It drove me insane…

So glad that I met him

Before it was too late

I honestly…

Was getting sick of breathing

Before he came into my life…

Now after years together

He tells me he is leaving me…

As if it is so easy

Just to walk away

From what he called love


I feel our love was a lie

Since he abandoned me

I wish I wasn’t blinded

By the passion he gave

I realize

I was just used

I was just a mistake

He said he wasted days

Of not telling me the truth

That this was the only way

And I have to accept

That we are no longer together

And that he regrets

He didn’t tell me sooner

He said he was sorry

That he hurried to fast

Into something he knew

Would never last

I was in shock

With the words he said

It’s hard to believe

I spent years with him

To find out he always had a plan

To leave me eventually


I try to understand

But it is hard

I feel like I will never be enough

For anyone to love

My heart shattered

It’s hard to breathe

I don’t want to go on

Feeling this broken

Everyone tells me to forget

But it seems impossible

I miss him too much

It sucks, I’m not enough

Growing weaker without him

I know I seem pathetic

But I gave him my all

When I decided to fall

For his sweet taste

From his lips

I will always miss

The nights we had

I still ache inside

Wishing we could still collide

Back into each other’s arms

Only in my dreams

I can have him now

It is hard to admit

I was never enough

For him to commit

I have no choice

But to continue life

Without his perfect face.


Poetry – Collapsed


She collapsed

The night

Her heart

Was shattered

Fainted over

Something that

Never mattered

It was hard

For her to

Stay sober

Since that

Day in late


Wishing she

Can feel sane

Without his passion

But the pain

Still remains.

Sad Ambient Music with Poetry – Let Me Go

Will you let me go

This time for real

Stop trying to steal

My heart

Always torn

After you leave

Wishing I would

Stop believing

You will always be

The guy for me

When in reality

Your made of stone

You must have no emotion

To let me always go alone

I need to forget

These broken memories

Of you and I

Stop thinking you will change

For somebody like me

I am not worthy

Of your devotion

Always leaving

Me feeling dirty

And heart broken.



Poem- Bleeding


why can’t you
see me bleeding
here on our sheets
constantly crying
for you to save me
slowly dying
i just want to
stop breathing
i want to relinquish
tired of this misery
your watching
me break
like im just made
of porcelain
a doll for
you to mess
with any way
you please

Poem – Suffering Without You


deadtreesartI wish I could
Just walk away
From this pain
You left me with
Continuing to suffer
Without you near
Feeling insane
I fear
You will never
Come back to heal
My aching heart
Forever I
Will be torn apart
I miss you
Too much
Just to
Go on
Not without
Your touch
Hoping one day
To wake next
To your beautiful
Face again.

Poem – Drifting Apart


drifting apart
as days
pass us
slowly by
i don’t
know why
we are
fading away
when our
love used
to be
so strong
wondering if
i have
done something
to deserve
being ignored
i pretend
i don’t feel
around you now
that every
time i
used to cry
you walked
away never
asking why
i was upset
the one
who used
to love me
left me
long ago
and left
me with
a stranger

Sad Love Poem – Shattering


If you look deep

In her glossy eyes

You can tell

That she has cried

For many years

Night after night

Still trying to deal with

Her constant fight

To live with

Fear and resentment

For someone she

Thought she had loved once

She has learned

After time had passed

That love is blind

Her heart made of glass

She’s shattering fast

From all the lies.