Poetry Video – Painkillers


Poem – Escape


she took
another pill
believing this
time maybe she
will feel
something afterwards
she lies down
on the kitchen floor
drowning in her
hoping tomorrow
she will be
in a better place
she falls asleep
to dream about
what her life
would be like
if she felt
always waking
up to wanting
another escape
wondering if
she will ever
be happy
with herself.

Poetry – White Horse


she used to be resplendent
Before she took a chance
with a white horse
she liked the feeling
of stradding
through the fields
full of snow
she was lost in her mind
constantly craving
the powder
she fell
into a drug-induced coma
that caused
deadly brain damage….
a pretty girl
found the wrong prince
she trusted him
with his white horse
she didn’t have
a happy ending
like Cinderella
she lost more
than a glass slipper
she lost her life when
she had her final breath
once the doctor  said
there was no hope
and asked her


mom to pulled the plug…


if only she knew


when she was young


not to trust someone


with wrong intentions


he just wanted her money


he didn’t care if she lived or died


when he handed her


the dragon that


ended her life.

Poetry Video – Smart Girl

She used to be a smart girl
Always made it to class
Studied every night after school
Until one day
She met some students
They asked her if she wanted to try
Something different
Telling her it will make her feel better
So she tried it
She became addicted
She stopped caring about her homework
Instead she wanted to get high
With her friends on school nights
She started to steal so she could own
What her friends expected her to have
One night she had too much to drink and smoke
Without knowing it she
Passed out at a party
It wasn’t long after that
Her life ended
By an overdose
No one understood
Why she didn’t
Stay a smart girl
And why she
Chose to be
Popular instead.

Micro Poetry – She Doesn’t Realize


she’s occupied with
swallowing her pills
she’s becoming
she doesn’t realize
what she is taking
she is fading
into a permanent darkness.

Poetry Video- Sharing Our Addiction


We celebrate the night
Our drinks filled to the top
With a lighter in our hands
Smoking up our lives.

Relaxing on the motels sheets
Staring up at the nude ceiling
Holding each others bodies
As if nothing else exists.

It’s midnight and we’re here
Consuming each other’s presence
Sharing our addiction
Our eyes are made of glass.

At last our souls finally unite
I’ve been in suspense
The feeling of your skin touching mine
It feels extremely intense.

A taste of rapture
When you brush my lips
Making me feel secure
With your fingertips.

Poisoning our insides with lust
And substances that don’t stay
It is all a temporary fix
Until the night fades away.

Poem – Refusing To Be Saved


You’re pathetic

The way you lie

Pretending to be sympathetic

As you’re insanely high

Acting like I can’t tell

You’ve changed your ways

I know you too well

I’m slowly watching you decay

With every drug you misuse

You’re making less sound

Refusing to be saved

I’m observing your final days


You Forgot About Me


does she see i’m crumbling
as i’m staring at the floor
afraid to make a sound
but my stomach is growling
you forgot about me mommy
again with your alcohol
drink after drink until you fall
still too young to even crawl
i stare down from my crib
to watch you fast asleep
wishing i could get out to eat
after hours i rest my eyes
tired from all my silent cries
i wake up to see her lifeless
what did i ever do wrong
why was i even born at all
i was abandoned
by her addiction
forever alone.