Awkward Girl (Short Poetry)


she was alone
always felt out of place
awkward girl
afraid to show
her face
looking down
at her feet
she didn’t want
to be known
she kept to herself
never asking
for help
from anyone


Hard to Recover (Short Poetry)


where were you that night
you promised you’d
be here to cuddle
instead i was left to
cry a puddle of tears
never hearing
from you again
leaving me with pain
that’s difficult to get over
it’s hard to recover
from a love like yours.

Always Fighting


What have we become
These horrible monsters
Always fighting
Back and forth
Calling eachother worthless
Yet here we are
Kissing again
Under the covers
As if we will always
Forgive another
Like we will always
Need eachother
Although we yell and scream
And call each other names
We still need the love
Under the sheets
We still need to caress another
No matter how bad
The arguements get
No matter what words we may say
We always end up forgetting
And staying together
Endless tears between us
But we both don’t show them
Hidden inside as we collide
Our bodies as if it’s going to
Be our last time



Shattered and neglected
I was never loved
By any one
Never hugged
I never knew
What I did wrong
To be treated
That way
I kept it all a secret
Afraid no one
Would have believed me
Any way
I was just a child
Without a voice
My life
Forever destroyed
All they did
Was lie
When I tried
To tell the truth
The more I stayed quiet
The less I was abused.