Distant Memory

fathdadThere is a part of me
That aches
When I think of you
Cutting me deep inside
Hard to breathe
Remembering the days
When I used to be
Your little girl
The kisses on my forehead
Are a distant memory
Same with the laughs
When you tickled my neck.
Wish I can be in your arms again
Where I used to feel secure
Against your prickly face
But you needed your space
Your gone now
And I don’t even know
What I ever did wrong
I am trying to stay strong
Without you Daddy
I wish I can hear your wisdom
But you made your decision
To leave me behind
Like a piece of trash
As If I never even mattered
Leaving me shattered.



Your love is nonexistent
Supposedly I am your wife
But I am not part of your life
We don’t coexist.

We sit in the darkness
On the couch we bought
Sitting like regretful robots
Feeling heartless.

Thought love was all I needed
In order for my world to turn
Realizing the truth after I learned
Of moment that you cheated.

Wearing your ring makes me sick
I want to rip it off my skin
It was all one vast mistake
You say we got married too quick.

Together forever was my intention
Thought I was the only girl for you
Another girl you mention
Repeating you merged too soon.

I thought marriage was irreversible
I learned from experience
That I was in denial
Our love had never existed.


I Had a Cat


I had a cat and she was pure white
Laid on my pillow at night
Fell in love with her at first sight
Having her just felt right
I lived with her for many years
She and I went up and down the stairs
She didn’t really like the outdoors
I used to rub her pointy pink ears
How she used to love to purr
The sounds I just adored
She grazed her face in my hair
No feeling I can compare
The love that she had for me
We used to sit up in a small tree
It was my favorite place to be
Clutching on my pure white kitty
Then one sad afternoon
I lost my cat too soon
She died from a gruesome wound
Her small body was strewn on the floor
All I could do at the time was stare
How it happened was unclear
The act was so bizarre
A pure white cat I used to have
She vanished when I was twelve
Died from a vicious attack
I wish I could have my kitten back…