Jealousy rages
Through her veins
She feels unwell
Wishing she
Could change
How she felt
Hard to deal
With the anger
Built up inside
She can’t get
Him out of her mind
She believes
She can’t live
Without him near
She fears
She won’t heal
This time around
He found
A new romance
That left him
In a trance
Away from
Her embrace
It’s hard to
Get his face
Out of her head
She wishes
She were dead
Than without him
Missing his kisses
Knowing he is
Cuddling her instead
In their old bed
Leaving her jealous
And feeling useless


Feeling Empty Inside


I am feeling empty inside
I am lost without you
A part of me died
When you left me bare
As if you never cared
Like our love was just a lie
I ask myself why
I let you get close to me
In the first place
But I got weak at the knees
When you looked in my eyes
I didn’t realize
I was just there to be used
I had no clue
I was just an object
For you to abuse
And abandon for your amusement
I am left in torment
When you walked away
I wasn’t good enough for you to stay
Leaving a permanent dent in my heart

Uncool Girl


She walked into the school
With thoughts of suicide
She hated being uncool
She wanted to drop dead

She grew tired of the whispers
And the endless glares
She never understood why they stared

She went home to cry rivers
Upon rivers of tears
She wanted to be accepted by her peers
Although they kept shattering her to pieces

She still wanted to feel desired
She lost her urge to speak
She stayed isolated in the halls
Days at school seemed never ending

An ongoing nightmare
She kept having to wake up to
She wanted it all to end

She decided to stay home one day
All she wanted was a friend
She ran away from everyone

She laid lifeless in her bed
She was gone
Delusions took
Over her head.

Shattered Feelings


She was left broken
Torn into pieces
Shattered feelings
Knees on the floor
Tears falling
She’s lost control
Of her senses
She thinks there is
No reason
For living anymore
She wishes
She wasn’t taken
For granted
Once again
She drinks
Away the pain
He left her with
Making her feel
Useless and impure.