Imperfect Skin


She’s quieter now
She’s standing still
Took her final vow
And swallows her pills
With the last sip of liquor
She falls to the floor
The pain fills her interior
She feels she’s ready to soar
Out from her imperfect skin
She couldn’t live any longer
She had felt broken
For too many years
The pain built up within her
She was tired of living in fear
She ended her life to get rid
Of the thoughts that were
Surrounding inside of her mind.


Life Is Strange


Life is strange
The way we breathe
Every second
We decide
Something to do
We sleep
To dream
We weep
To mope
We eat icecream
To indulge
We need
To feel loved
By someone
To be touched
Once in a while
We all eventually
Turn to dust
But before we do
Let’s all smile
One last time
For someone who
Needs it
More than you
Make their day
A little worthwhile
Because this day
May be your last
Although you feel okay
Take this chance
To laugh just a little
To learn something new
Just in case
This is your last breath.

Why Do We Care…


Why do we care
What they think
When you are you
And they are them
Why do we lose
And let them win
When you have a chance
To be more than that
Why do we hide
Away from the truth
When will it end
This constant abuse
We are obsessed
With these repulsive visions
On what we should be
When will we let
Ourselves finally feel free?