Poetry – Repeating Nightmare


Running through the woods

Trying to get away from you

Stuck in this repeating nightmare

And there seems to be no way out

Of this never ending torture

Of being chased by the monster

Who abused my Mother

He took away her soul

Left her with another

She will never be the same

Ever since that day

Now allĀ  I dream is her

Trying to run away from him

Wishing I was there

To save her from this

Never ending pain

That lives with her

She just wanted a Father

To love her

Like her friends had

But now she is glad

She does not have

To worry about him

Any longer

Her pain still lingers

But he can’t bother her

Since he has passed

Many years ago

How strong my Mother

To live on

She never gave up on herself

She deserves a medal


I love you Mommy

And I am sorry

This happened to you

If you ever need to talk

I will always be there

And if you needĀ 

Me to hold you

At night

I promise I will try

And be by your side

I haven’t forgot

That you gave me my life

Thank you Mom

For all that

You have done

And I’m sorry

For everything

That happened to you

And can’t be fixed

I wish I could mend

Every piece of your

Broken heart.