Lost in Space


she feels like she is falling
in an endless emptiness
darkness surrounding her
she slowly stops breathing
she’s choking
trying to wake up
there is no hope
forever lost in space


It’s Impossible

KODAK Digital Still Camera

it is insane
i still have you
on my mind
if only
i can rewind
the time
we had
back then
it’s impossible
i know
to have you
infront of me again
it brings me
incredible pain
to realize
your no longer here with me

Poetry – Mysterious Lips


she wondered what it
be like to kiss his
mysterious lips
to finally taste
what she had been
craving for so long
she stays insecure
and hides her urges
from him again
living in this fear
of possible regrets
of never trying to
get close to him
wishing she was
brave enough to
walk up and express
the passion that was within her.

Poem – Escape


she took
another pill
believing this
time maybe she
will feel
something afterwards
she lies down
on the kitchen floor
drowning in her
hoping tomorrow
she will be
in a better place
she falls asleep
to dream about
what her life
would be like
if she felt
always waking
up to wanting
another escape
wondering if
she will ever
be happy
with herself.