Poetry – Mysterious Lips


she wondered what it
be like to kiss his
mysterious lips
to finally taste
what she had been
craving for so long
she stays insecure
and hides her urges
from him again
living in this fear
of possible regrets
of never trying to
get close to him
wishing she was
brave enough to
walk up and express
the passion that was within her.


Surround Me


surround me

with your warmth

I’ve been

cold for

too long

I need you

to hold me


than you’ve

ever held

anyone before

Being Played


my heart aches
he made me break
i fell to the floor
i don’t need
anymore derangement
he’s always
leaving me
i’m annoyed
by his behavior
making me believe
I was the failure
my heart can’t take
any more pain
i’ve turned
losing control
of my brain
it’s hard to stay
sane when
i’m always
being played.

You Had Your Way


off your drinks
you made me
to make me
that way…
i fell into
your bed
like i was
just air…
i didn’t care…
as i was drunk…
drunk off
your drinks
you thought it was okay
to take advantage
of my body…
you did…
you had
your way
with me
like you wanted…