Poetry – This Kind of Love


thoughts of you
are screaming
inside my head
wishing i could atleast
have you
for one night
i just want
to know once
what it be like
to hold you tight
but we live
in two different worlds
it is better
just for us
to move along
this is the
kind of love
where you need
to stay strong
because we
both know
it is wrong
runs through our
blood streams
always going
through the
same rotation
only in dreams
i have you
in my arms
this is the
worst kind of pain
our love
could cause
endless harm
trying to stay sane
because your
on my mind
i know i am
in yours
but this
will never happen
so i try
to say goodbye
as tears
run down my eyes.


Poem – Fear of Falling


I could get lost in your eyes

if you let me

but i fear

i might

get out of control

and want more of you

i know i am not ready


you drive me crazy

i wish

i could give you

my heart

but i have been

torn apart

and now

i am afraid to

get broken again

i don’t know

if i could


that kind of torture

once more.

Poem About A Crush – Shy Girl – Poetry Video with Music

Reminding myself to breathe

As you walk by me

Do I dare to speak

Or keep silent?

It is hard to decide

What choice I will make

As you are getting closer

I panic

I don’t say a word

Regrets rush through my mind

Within seconds

I could have

Told you how I was feeling

Afraid of rejection

I live in this constant fear

Wondering when I will let you in my life

Tired of being shy

I just want to tell you

How I feel

Without any worries…

Poetry – Two Worlds Apart


We’re two worlds apart
If we collide into each other
We may not connect like
I’d hope we would
We might explode instead
So I stay in denial
I pretend I don’t need you
But I am tearing up inside
Wishing I was brave enough
To look into your eyes
As you walk by
But my anxiety fills my head

Poetry – Mysterious Lips


she wondered what it
be like to kiss his
mysterious lips
to finally taste
what she had been
craving for so long
she stays insecure
and hides her urges
from him again
living in this fear
of possible regrets
of never trying to
get close to him
wishing she was
brave enough to
walk up and express
the passion that was within her.

Poetry – Adventures Together


We live carelessly

Walking on the Earth together

Always going on adventures

Looking for new treasures

To cherish forever

Hand in hand

With only our belongings

On our backs

Only needing each other

And just a few snacks

Knowing we were

Meant to survive together

Til the end of time.


Being Played


my heart aches
he made me break
i fell to the floor
i don’t need
anymore derangement
he’s always
leaving me
i’m annoyed
by his behavior
making me believe
I was the failure
my heart can’t take
any more pain
i’ve turned
losing control
of my brain
it’s hard to stay
sane when
i’m always
being played.

You Had Your Way


off your drinks
you made me
to make me
that way…
i fell into
your bed
like i was
just air…
i didn’t care…
as i was drunk…
drunk off
your drinks
you thought it was okay
to take advantage
of my body…
you did…
you had
your way
with me
like you wanted…