Goodbye My Friend


Goodbye my friend

The one who held hands

With me down the river

Watching the stream pick up

From the windy breeze

We separated as teens

Wishing we could have been

Together a little longer

Today I am stronger

But I  still miss you

Like no other

I still ask God, why her?

Why not me instead?

She had big plans to go places

To meet so many faces

I was just bland with

No plans

So why God,

Why did you take her instead?




It’s Impossible

KODAK Digital Still Camera

it is insane
i still have you
on my mind
if only
i can rewind
the time
we had
back then
it’s impossible
i know
to have you
infront of me again
it brings me
incredible pain
to realize
your no longer here with me

Poem- Unknown Darkness


my heart aches

i can feel

it beating faster

than usual

i hate this feeling

of being so broken

i am kneeling

praying someday

i will see you again

but i know it wont be

until i fade away

into the unknown darkness

Micro Poetry – Cursed


I felt I had immortality
When I was young
Not realizing back then
All the fatality
That exists in the world
We are all cursed
By an upcoming death
That we have no control over
Just waiting for our final rest.

Poem – Drowning


Drowning in an endless ocean of tears

Wishing I could have you near

But you can’t hear my cries

Your no longer alive

Wishing I had told you

How I felt

Long time ago

When I first felt butterflies

As you walked by

Now all I can do is cry

Surrounded in a World

Of regrets

Wishing I could

See you again one last time

But I know it

Won’t happen

A deep emptiness

Lingers within me

Memories of your face

Are fading

I  hope I get another chance

In my next lifetime

To meet you again

And have the courage

To tell you

How I feel.


Poetry – White Horse


she used to be resplendent
Before she took a chance
with a white horse
she liked the feeling
of stradding
through the fields
full of snow
she was lost in her mind
constantly craving
the powder
she fell
into a drug-induced coma
that caused
deadly brain damage….
a pretty girl
found the wrong prince
she trusted him
with his white horse
she didn’t have
a happy ending
like Cinderella
she lost more
than a glass slipper
she lost her life when
she had her final breath
once the doctor  said
there was no hope
and asked her


mom to pulled the plug…


if only she knew


when she was young


not to trust someone


with wrong intentions


he just wanted her money


he didn’t care if she lived or died


when he handed her


the dragon that


ended her life.