Lost in her Darkness

She’s lost

Lost in her


Lurks within

Her mind

Filling her

With sadness

Her thoughts unkind

Surrounds her

Forever she feels


Dark and lost

Forever she lives

In her darkness

There isn’t much

Light left

She’s dim

She can not

Fight away

The demons

They are always


Reminding her

Her life

Is unfair


She’s scarred

She resembles

Shards of glass

Push and pulled

By multiple men

Tortured by their

So called love

Pressured to stay

Tortured by their

Fake so called love

Bruises she hides

Upon her heart

She keeps her

Sorrows hidden


Shades of Greys

She is fading

Fading away

Into the greys

Shades of greys

She’s in the fog

No way of

Getting out

She’s stuck

Forever lost

Lost in

The dark

Cold Closet — Poem

Sitting alone

In a cold closet

Hiding away

From an unknown


Lingering within


Trying to escape

From the madness

Watch “Sad Dark Poetry — Here I Lie — By Mandy Williams”

Here I lie
On the floor
Hoping to die
Hurt to the core

Crumbling apart
All alone
In the dark
To the bone

From breathing
No longer wanted…
Lost and

Left abandoned
No one to hold…
Feeling its time
To leave
This world…

Why me?
When I’m honest
And pure…
Just let me be…
I’ll be gone
Soon enough….

Poetry by
Mandy Williams

Poetry Video — Without You ( with Words )

without you
i feel torn
without you
i feel broke
without you
i only mourn
without you
im scarred
split into
into pieces
all over
the floor
feeling tortured
without your
i truly
miss staring
at your face
like i used to
when you fell
you didn’t have
any flaws
i wish
back then
i engaged
more into
i wish
i could grasp
back onto you
but i have
to accept
that we
need to
keep our
when it
tears me apart
i lay around
feeling hurt
i wish
i didn’t have
to depart
i wish we could
go back and time
and press restart
but there
isn’t a way
to go back
in time
i have to
and stay
away from
your side
i wish i didn’t
start that fight
that crumbled
everything we built
that night
i wish i
didn’t wake up
i wish i
stayed asleep
and woke
to the sunshine
i got into deep
i couldn’t stop
now here i am
accepting i need help
when all my life
i knew i did
but didn’t understand
but my head
has always been
in a clog
im sorry i
left you
in the fog
i hope
one day
we could hold
once again
even if we
have to go through
the pain
of being away
for so long
i know
we could be
perfect together
if we stayed
away from the drugs.

Poetry – Living in Nature

Life… we live in nature… death… depending how you treat nature… you could rest within the clouds… or stuck in the ground… urging a way out…they lose all their energy from the sun and moon .. souls with no light… forever dim … unless they can fight their way in… our souls need the light the sun and moon make… our inner selves never fake… take a walk on a path… where the rays can feel your beating heart… before you sleep take a step out of your door and look at the stars that shine above…. let them feel like they are loved…