Poetry – Final Prayer

Her eyes filled with endless tears

As she laid on the cold bare floor

Wondering why God gave her this life

Wishing she didn’t  exist

Hearing the door open again

Waiting for her next beating

She has to stay mute

Although in her mind she’s screaming

Waiting for her last night

She knows she can’t continue this fight

Her skin feels so fragile

As she puts on her pajamas

She prays to God one last time

Begging him for this to end

She curls up on the cold surface

Closes her sodden eyes

God realizes he made a mistake

And granted her final prayer

She flew with the angels

A minute past midnight

When she met God

He tells her he is sorry

He has no control over

All the evil in the World


Poetry – Walked Away


I saw you walk away from us

Without looking back

I thought to myself

How could he do that

I thought we were a family

Why didn’t he stay

I didn’t understand

Why it had to be that way

I was left confused

I thought, was I forgotten?

What did I do wrong

To make him want to depart?

It was hard to stay strong

I just couldn’t believe

This was happening

His face started to fade

It was challenging

To not have him there

I felt like he no longer

Even cared for me

Tears were rolling

Down my eyes constantly

Every night, wishing I

Had an answer why

It had to be this way

Why I was abandoned

Left without his love

Leaving me saddened?

Poetry – A New Beginning


i remember when my
friend and i
would have these
conversations about life
one by one
we were
always together
walking down our road
waiting for the world
to unfold
as we shared all
our thoughts with
one another
i remember those
easy days
playing truth or dare
every weekend
without a care
about what else
was out there
we didn’t discuss
about the evil
that lurked around us
we thought that
everything was alright
we were naive back then
it felt as if that was
the only time i
could take a full breath
without losing my mind
nowadays i know of
all the pain
that spreads
all around us
there is no stopping
the evil in this world
we are still waiting
for the day
we can all hold hands
and pray for a new
beginning where we
all co-exist with each other.

Micro Poetry – Cursed


I felt I had immortality
When I was young
Not realizing back then
All the fatality
That exists in the world
We are all cursed
By an upcoming death
That we have no control over
Just waiting for our final rest.

Poem – Sweet Dreams


Sweet dreams
He whispered
In my ear
Every night
Until one day
He left me
My daddy
How could you
Just forget
The love you
Had for me?
I can’t sleep
Well without
The words
You used to
Speak to me
Every night before
I slept…
I felt lost
When you
Walked out
The door
Thinking what
I have done so
Wrong to cause
Such a tragedy?
I used to watch
Out my window
Hoping for you
To come back
To me
But you never did
Growing up I realize
Maybe I was not
Worth your time
In the first place
And I am sorry
I ever existed
Wishing I could
Turn back time
And not waste
So much energy
In hoping you
Would come
Back to me
My daddy
I once thought
You were my
But you left
Me with nothing
Making me believe
From then on
I’m not worth
To anyone
I feel my life
Could have been
A little different
If you weren’t
So selfish.

This Horrible Place – Poetry


Little girl
Crying again
Wishing her pain
Would finally end
Hiding under her bed
With her baby blanket
Wishing she were dead
Instead of him
Coming for more
She told him she
Was too sore
For another beating
No point in fighting
It only gets worse
Curse word after
Curse word coming
From his mouth
She feels sickened inside
Never understanding why
She was the one
He chosen to torture
She goes to sleep
Bleeding everynight
Her mother a drug addict
Working the corners
To make a little cash
Only to get home
To be called a whore
Loud enough for her
To wake up
Just to hear more beating
But this time it
Was her mother
Taking the torture
He loved to afflict pain
On both of them
As if they were his
Punching bags
Being used everyday
Just wishing for
The day someone comes
And takes her away
From this horrible place


Poetry- Shades



The shades in the sky
Remind me of the days
When we used to play
Under the trees together
Where we stayed hidden
From the rest of reality
Just you and I
Playing until dark
Surrounded in purple hues
With only you
Drawing with chalk
On the sidewalk
Wishing it would never rain
Ever again
So our memories
Will never be erased

Poem – You Used To Be My Friend


You used to be my friend

Someone I could trust

To tell all my secrets to

But you betrayed me

By spreading my life

To whom ever would listen

Cutting me like a knife

My heart has weakened

It feels like you never cared

About my feelings

I wish I never shared

Everything with you

From now on I’m concealing

Everything I have inside

I fear I can’t trust no body

Wishing I never confided in anyone

That words exchanged can’t be undone.

Poem – She’s Running Away


She’s running away
This time she’s not
Looking back
She’s tired of
Being someone
She’s not
Always faking
This person
They want her
To be
She wishes
They could see
She wants to
Be someone else
Not this princess
With long hair
Pretty eyelashes
And no tattoos.
She didn’t want
To be told
What she can do
In her life
Any more.
She didn’t want to be
Their play toy
Someone they can
Dress up
And call pretty
She was really
A tom boy
Wanting to wear
Baggy pants
And sweatshirts
But they didn’t
Understand that
Type of style
For a girl…
She felt
Running away
Was the only answer
So she could be who she
Truly wants to be, finally.