Abandoned (Haiku)


Abandoned child
She was lost in the darkness
Inside a bare house


Wants to Fly


She wants to fly
With the angels
She is ready
She is able
Sick of being
Living a life
Any meaning
She believes
She has
Nothing left
To live for
Her tears
Have stopped
Her heartbeat is
Fading away
She didn’t
Want to stay
In a world
So blind
A world
She was different
No one accepted
The skin
She was in
It was hard
For her to breathe
She was tired
Of being teased
She gained
Her wings
And flew
With the angels
One night
She took flight
With all her might
She couldn’t fight
Any longer
For a life
That was fake
She couldn’t take
A world so mean
A world unclean




He left a sadness
That I will
Always possess
Leaving a chill
Down my spine
I think of him
Ignoring me still
As if I never existed
He stays distant
I am hopeless
In denile
I crave his attention
Wanting his affection
Patiently waiting
For him to need me
I am slowly fading
Turning into debris
He stays isolated
From me
Why can’t he see
I am devastated
I can’t figure out
What I did wrong
For him to hideout
It’s hard
To stay strong
He left me scarred
Without his compassion
He had no reason
To leave me charred.

All Lies


You lost me
When I realized
You only used
My body
As a prize
To show off
On a shelf
With your past lovers
You were in disguise
I didn’t recognize
A liar in your eyes
As you unbuttoned
My pants
And kissed my lips
I thought
You whispered
You told me it was
Was all lies
Just to get me