Poem – goodbye

Deserted again

Abducted heart

Lost within

Left abnormal

She’s lacking


Since he

Had an affair

Repeating his mistake

She caught him

In his lies

After he promised

He wouldn’t

Hurt her again

She was tired of

Catching him lying

So she finally

Decided to say


For the last time


Both cursed -poetry

Sharing a sadness

We both have

Within ourselves

We’re cursed

With an emptiness

We will never

Forget this pain

We cry together

As we remember

The days when

We used to be happy

With each other

This Madness- poem

This pain I have

Won’t leave my side

Constantly I’m aching

Feeling myself breaking

I’m shattering

Into many pieces

I can’t be recollected

This time

Wondering what’s the point

Any longer

I feel my brain

Is on fire

I want to scream

Instead I cry

Wondering why

I can’t wake up

From this dream

No going back

To how it used to be

There is no you and I
Forever we’re broken

I feel like

I’m choking

On all your lies

Now I have to accept

You wanna leave me behind

I just wish

I wasn’t so blind

This whole entire time

You and I

Can’t be healed

Telling me you

Want to end your life

Hoping this isn’t

The only answer

To all this madness

I know I will never

Get this off my mind

No Voice – Poetry


i have to make a choice
but i feel i no longer
even have a voice
to spill the feelings
i have deep inside
it is even hard
to cry
like i lost
the will to spill
any type of emotion
i toss and turn
in my bed all night
wishing i didn’t
have this stress
surrounding in my head
i can’t rest
these endless thoughts
are tearing apart
my weak mind
i ask myself why
i even need to choose
i need to stop
being pulled
back and forth
i don’t know
how much more i
can take
just wishing
everything around me
just turned blank.

Poem – End My Life

saddarkgirl (1)

What do I do in a time like this
All I wish is for it to end
Hard to pretend
I am going insane
Within my head
Feeling drained
I would rather be dead
Than to continue
This endless pain
Feeling used
What do I do
In a time like this
Waiting for the night
I decide to end my life
So I can stop
All the thoughts
I am forever drowning in

Poem – Death at Twenty-Three


she’s feeling faint
becoming pale
her mind diminishing
her skin frail

losing her hair
as she’s lying there
without a care
all she does is stare

it was tough
to watch her fade
on her last days
she decayed drastically

it was hard
to leave her side
once they announced
her final breath

i couldn’t believe
just at the age of twenty-three
my friend could be
taken away from me
so easily

Poetry – This Kind of Love


thoughts of you
are screaming
inside my head
wishing i could atleast
have you
for one night
i just want
to know once
what it be like
to hold you tight
but we live
in two different worlds
it is better
just for us
to move along
this is the
kind of love
where you need
to stay strong
because we
both know
it is wrong
runs through our
blood streams
always going
through the
same rotation
only in dreams
i have you
in my arms
this is the
worst kind of pain
our love
could cause
endless harm
trying to stay sane
because your
on my mind
i know i am
in yours
but this
will never happen
so i try
to say goodbye
as tears
run down my eyes.

Poem – She’s Numb


she’s numb
without him
remembering when
she used
to be only his
her heart
continues to ache
as she sees
him with another
her world
started to crumble
into millions of pieces
right in front of him
but he pretended
he never knew her
as he walked by
making her
her eyes fill
with endless cries
wishing she
didn’t feel so lonely
in her room at night
wondering why
she was told only lies.