My Kitten (Short Poetry)


brendakittenI watched my kitten grow old
As time passed me by
This is my ode to her
I still keep memories
Of when she used to purr
On my chest
As I laid down to sleep
A memory I will always keep.


Fade Away (Poetry with Video)

Her eyes were dazzling
As she was imagining
What it be like to fly
What it felt like to get high
She laid down in ectasy
She was free mentally
With her eyes closed
She loved to get stoned
She didn’t let anyone know
That she was always in woe
She kept her sadness hidden
She wanted to keep it unwritten
She slowly drowned herself
Stopped caring about her health
Her skin eventually turned black and blue
There was nothing anybody could do
It was to late to save her
As she was abusing over the years
In the hospital she regrets
That she never confessed
Her eternal despair
She felt like no one would have cared
To hear of her depression
That drugs were her obsession
That using made her feel real
It was how she needed to deal
With the sorrows in her life
Instead of ending it with her knife
She swallowed pill after pill
The more she took the more she got ill
The pain was severe
But she wanted to disappear
She felt this was the only way
To finally fade away.