It’s Better To Pretend (Micro Poetry)


it’s better to pretend
i’m content
than show i’m deranged
fighting constantly
to keep my sadness
deep inside

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Shopping Addiction


i shop
like i’m addicted
as if
i need everything
in the store
i’m not even sure
what i do
with most of the
things i buy
but i need to go
i need supplies
i feel as if
i will die
if i don’t buy
another thing today
and maybe
even more tomorrow.

Their Words


why do i even try
when they always
try to put me down
rumor after rumor
glare after glare
why do i have
to care
what they say
whisper after whisper
laugh after laugh
why do they
need to point
me out
of a huge crowd
tearing me down
into pieces
wishing their words
wouldn’t hurt me
wishing i was brave
enough to stand
up for myself
when they tease
i’m afraid
and stay away
hoping one day
they will give up on me.

Love Is Just A Four Letter Word


prettydarkeyesis love really
just a four
letter word
created by stores
for us to buy
their endless
for them to
make money
while we suffer
to try to stay pretty
starving to fit
into a dress
that we may
never even wear
in the first place
i feel no one
really cares
i believe love
is just a four
letter word
created by stores
to make us believe
so they can make a dollar
on our constant
need for face powder
and mascara
thinking love is
lingerie and stockings
beautiful hair
and high heels
making us believe
love truly exists
but as we try
to stay pretty
we always get
let down
left with only
a frown
love is just a
four letter word
created by stores
to keep us
wanting more


Memory Of You


sweet dreams
you used to
say to me
right before
i fell asleep
you would rest
your lips on
my forehead
how i loved that
feeling of your
skin brushing
against mine
but i am no
longer nine
we don’t have
time for
goodnight kisses
we’ve grown apart
i wish
to always keep
this last memory of you.

Broken Vow


my blood boils
when i think
of you
how could you
break my
heart into two
i was shattered
when you
left me
as if i
never even
crying every night
wishing you
could still
hold me tight
but at the
same time
i’m mad
that you had
to make different plans
after you made a vow
to loving me forever
now that doesn’t
even matter
any longer
as you have another
in your bed
and i’m alone
being pathetic
wishing i could
have you back still
i wish i was made
out of plastic
so i couldn’t feel
i don’t want to be real
i want to be fake
so i no longer think
of the day you
decided to break

You Had Your Way


off your drinks
you made me
to make me
that way…
i fell into
your bed
like i was
just air…
i didn’t care…
as i was drunk…
drunk off
your drinks
you thought it was okay
to take advantage
of my body…
you did…
you had
your way
with me
like you wanted…