Poem – Sweet Dreams


Sweet dreams
He whispered
In my ear
Every night
Until one day
He left me
My daddy
How could you
Just forget
The love you
Had for me?
I can’t sleep
Well without
The words
You used to
Speak to me
Every night before
I slept…
I felt lost
When you
Walked out
The door
Thinking what
I have done so
Wrong to cause
Such a tragedy?
I used to watch
Out my window
Hoping for you
To come back
To me
But you never did
Growing up I realize
Maybe I was not
Worth your time
In the first place
And I am sorry
I ever existed
Wishing I could
Turn back time
And not waste
So much energy
In hoping you
Would come
Back to me
My daddy
I once thought
You were my
But you left
Me with nothing
Making me believe
From then on
I’m not worth
To anyone
I feel my life
Could have been
A little different
If you weren’t
So selfish.


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