The Monsters


Hiding under the covers
Away from the monsters
That are taking over my brain
I am becoming insane

They are playing a game
With my mind
The monsters gain control
My health slowly fades

Afraid to leave my bed
With these monsters in my head
They demand me to destroy
They are getting harder to avoid

They manage to take over
I become more narrow
My eyes fade to black
I will never have myself back

The monsters still abide
I can not run and hide
As they hold me down
I am who they own

They taught me revenge
I myself could not prevent
What was about to happen
The force they have is intense

I did what they asked
So I can have myself back
But they did not disappear
They loved the smell of my fear

I hid back under my blankets
With my bad habits
Dark thoughts in my head
The monsters linger to be fed

Soon to be in control again
They want their revenge
Taking over my soul
My mind they stole

They attack and devour
Their past mistakes
Wrath is what they are after
They took over my mind forever


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