I Had a Cat


I had a cat and she was pure white
Laid on my pillow at night
Fell in love with her at first sight
Having her just felt right
I lived with her for many years
She and I went up and down the stairs
She didn’t really like the outdoors
I used to rub her pointy pink ears
How she used to love to purr
The sounds I just adored
She grazed her face in my hair
No feeling I can compare
The love that she had for me
We used to sit up in a small tree
It was my favorite place to be
Clutching on my pure white kitty
Then one sad afternoon
I lost my cat too soon
She died from a gruesome wound
Her small body was strewn on the floor
All I could do at the time was stare
How it happened was unclear
The act was so bizarre
A pure white cat I used to have
She vanished when I was twelve
Died from a vicious attack
I wish I could have my kitten back…


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