Broken Sister


She used to be a little girl
With plenty of emotions
She played with her many horses
And twirled her long brown curls.

I used to sit and watch her
I noticed how she changed
She was a happy upbeat girl
To a girl without perception.

I started to wonder about her
As she disappeared for hours
Out in the woods by our house
This started to recur more often.

A few years before this started to happen
Her older sister started to torture her daily
As they waited for the school bus together
She never knew why she did this to her really.

She never knew why her sister hated her then
She knew the hate was real and not pretend
As she threatened her with sticks and stones
And words she spoke that stabbed her deep within.

Those words and threats stuck with her like glue
The thoughts in her head started to take over
Her natural self deteriorated as the days moved along
She could not even remember the words to her old favorite song.

As years passed the more she disappeared
No one knew where she ever went
Her mother felt heartbreak and feared
That soon one day she might not return.

She always did come back home
Although she came back a little more different
As if someone took over her mind
She turned cold and lost her interests.

She started to write and draw quietly
Alone up in her room on her bed
Without a light on entirely
She sat and listened to the voices in her head.

She ignored life around her with art
As she painted over and over on her canvas
She had a hard time keeping one piece
But painting took away all her sadness.

As the days continued her older sister
Still took the time to torture and abuse her
She was afraid to fight back so she hid
Away from the world in her abstract paintings.

As she grew she became darker and indifferent
Still leaving the house to go on her adventures
Where no one knew where she ever even went
She always left even when the weather was bad.

There was a day when her older sister lost control
She took the nearest rock and threw it at her skull
She screamed for her dad and he ran out the door
Picked her up and put her in his car.

They still did not keep a close eye on her
She was still being tortured every morning
Her sister had no emotion for her suffering
She bullied her as if she was her punching bag.

After the days were over she went up to her room
Where she took the time to repaint over her canvas
This time she decided to paint it all black
The voices in her head told her to do that.

She turns eighteen and moves away with a man
She believes that he can heal her pain
Realizing that she can not change
She returns home to her Mother’s.

Her older sister moved away years before
But the torture still lingered with her
Her mind was filled with demons
That started to cause her to alter.

Soon she became a demon that hid inside her
Rage broke through her aching veins
She let herself go as the evil took over
Rushing through her like a hurricane.

She becomes paranoid and even more distant
She locks her door and covers herself with blankets
Where she takes out her flashlight and canvas
Staring at the blackness of her painting…

She starts to worry about her mental health
Went and seeked out for some help
Where they gave her medicine and therapy
Told her that the voices will no longer be there.

She looks in the mirror feeling like a zombie
Wishing that she can one day just be normal
But the words and pain her sister gave her
Will always be there to haunt her.


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