You were twenty-one
Sipping on a beer
Outside on a porch
You looked withdrawn

I did not interfere
Although I wanted to
Thought I could save you
From drowning in your tears

Instead I walked away
With regret on my conscious
Wish I could have reached out
But I did not know what to say.

Found her lying face down
In the front yard of her house
Could not find a pulse
Alcohol on her breath

I could not comprehend
What happened right then
Did not understand her pain
That she felt like she was in

Enough to drink away her life
She filled herself with torture
She lifted her drinks to say goodbye
To the unending sorrows

I think of her every night before bed
I can not get her tears out of my head
How I wish I had the courage to speak
To the girl

Who used to sip a beer
At twenty-one
Alone on the porch
That looked withdrawn.


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