Sad Girl


You she hates

Ruined her fate

Killed her mind

Because she wasn’t your kind


Walking down the hall

You trip her and she falls

She stood up, all she could hear was laughter

Listening to it made her walk faster


Went to class

But could not think

Students pointing

Saying she stinks


Went home to her dad

He looked into her teary eyes

And asked why she was sad

She couldn’t say one word


She went upstairs

To speak to the lord

“Please let me take my life,

With this sharp kitchen knife

I  can’t take it anymore

My heart is too torn”


She couldn’t wait

Any longer for an answer

So she decided

She wanted to die faster


Took the knife

She had in her hand

Slit  her  wrists

As hard as she can


Blood dripped down

On the floor more and more

In the morning

Her dad opened the door


Shocked at what he seen

His heart shattered

Could not believe

His baby girl is gone.


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