Used by You

We are never calm anymore

Theres conflict after conflict

Our love is a ticking time bomb

I predict our affair is almost over


I look into your emotionless eyes

You blink as if I am not even there

I have prayed for us to rise again

For you to show that you care once more


I search for the lost pieces to our puzzle

Hoping we can attempt to be complete

I miss the nights we laid together and cuddled

We no longer share our dirty sheets


I have dreamed of our love to continue

But I quickly awoke to witness a bare bed

My heart fell hard and I felt used by you

There were words that weren’t even said


Goodbye to an illusion that was in my head

Fighting that finally came to an end

A red beating heart turns unresponsive and black

A sane girl turns into a love obsessed maniac


Your too far to reach in these padded four walls

I am not allowed to even have your photo anymore

You started to ignore all my incoming phone calls

Alone crying on this floor, became useless to the core









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