I Wrote You A Letter

I wrote you a letter when I was turning five

About a car ride with my mom and dad

Blue and red crayons I used during the drive

Drew you a picture of the day that we had

I wrote you a letter on my sixth birthday

Inside I wrote about the presents I got

We went outside to run and play

At the end I signed my name with a heart

I wrote you a letter when I was seven years old

I told you all my untold secrets

All the lies that I once told

Inside I left you a box of chocolates

I wrote you a letter and I am now eight

Those were the last words I wrote to you

I tried to save your delicate life

But you faded away like a deja vu

I woke up at nine years from a repetitive dream

I seen myself writing you another note

Can’t sleep, took a sip of my mom’s caffeine

While she went outside to smoke

At ten I have a hard time going to bed

Laid down and stared at the blank wall

Figuring out what was going through my head

Finally fell asleep cuddling my only doll

Eleven years go by and I still don’t know

Why I dream of writing you a letter

This dream I will never outgrow

I’ll write you again tonight and forever



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