Unfinished Tree House

Unfinished tree house sits molding as it rains

Staring up at it wishing it was a place to play

As it falls down on to the ground nothing remains

But the memory of us climbing it back in the day


Once I fell off and blacked out for awhile

Awoke to my sister staring down at me

Asked me if falling from the tree was worthwhile

Falling was my fear, my fear was no longer


Went back to the tree house the next day

Sat underneath the branches and read for hours

I ignored climbing the ladder up to the doorway

Instead I went to look for fresh flowers


I seen a group of buttercups in the long field

I ran up to them to see them up close

Took one for myself and peeled away the petals

Watched them as the yellow decomposed


Went back inside my home to go upstairs

I laid down in bed stared up at the ceiling

Reading a poster I had until I dozed asleep

Dreamed of the tree house that took my fear away  from me





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