Broken Glass

Glass broken on the carpet

Where we used to make love,

Crushing my feet as blood drips

The plate we once ate on

You threw against the wall

No kiss for me tonight

Your in this bad mood

To prove that your always right

Once again you gain control

Your ripping my heart apart

I cry as you walk out the door

Leaving me with broken glass on the floor

Where we used to undress

The days you rubbed my skin

Feeling as there’s nothing left

The music stops, and the light gets dim

I lay down to dream, to sleep, Not to think

Wondering where you’ve been

I fell too deep, torn and shattered

Like the glass between my toes

More untold lies the future holds

The love you gave me now molds

Like the food on the plate that broke,

Spread on the rug where I have bled



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