This Weakness

I try to leave, you pull me in,

Giving me another last kiss, I’m yours again.

Your good at deceiving, you feel superior,

You’ve have only made me feel inferior.

Your my weakness, I drown in your deceit,

We are no longer concrete, there’s no progress.

You repeat that you will change your actions,

Keeping our love discrete, reverse satisfaction.

You keep me near, change is your fear,

Although you desire another. 

Your feeling me slipping from your fingers,

But the other is around, she lingers.

You seek control, you take my soul,

I feel as if there is no way out, your my weakness.

I come back to you, to hope for more,

You can’t keep your faithfulness.

Your lies come forth again, and again,

But that you are my weakness, I ignore.

It is hard to explain,

Why you are still all I adore.


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