Left Unwanted



Left unwanted

In a field of ice

I was sacrificed

Fearing the unknown

I despise being alone

Trembling and frigid

Wishing I never existed

In this hateful world

Where lies are told

I was rejected

By my own kind

Banished and neglected
I was declined

I ask myself again

One last time

Why me, why me?

Why couldn’t they let me be?

Why couldn’t I be loved?

Why was I left behind?

I was abandoned

Left unwanted

Rejected from

My own kind.



Heart ignited
Eyes faded
Throat tightened
As I was degraded
Left behind
Like scum
I was blind
And so dumb
I let you defeat me
I fell to the ground
My heart in debris
Irreversible wound
I reminisce
The painful feeling
Of your sinister kiss
You were deceiving
I was naive
You felt me tremble
Leaving me obscene
Your now the devil
In my nightmares
You have control of me
For hours
I am colorless
Without compassion
You still possess
My vulnerable mind