Fragile heart poem

I remember the day I

Handed over the key

To my fragile heart

That was when he

Promised he would

Never tear me apart

I never knew what

Love felt like until I

Locked my eyes with his

And when we kissed

For the first time it was perfect

Like we were meant to

Make each other complete

We walked hand and hand

I never felt so warm until then

I thought finally my prayers

Have been answered

The wishes I made

Upon the stars

Have finally been granted

He made me feel sure

He was the one for me

So I decided to trust him

With my everything

My whole world.


Monster under my bed

I fell in love

With the monster

Under my bed

He was in disguise

When I met him

He was a master

When it came to lies

Wish I wasn’t blind

When he made me cry

I kept him

Like he was my teddy bear

Realizing eventually

He was wearing a mask

To cover the evil

He had inside

Short poetry – rum

Lately the rum

Has been making me

A little less numb

But I’m still alone

It takes away the cold

But I’ll never fully

Feel warm

Without someone to hold

I can’t trust another

To take my heart

I can no longer handle

Being torn apart

Poetry – only in my dreams

feeling lost within a dream
lying down on my lavender scented sheets
sleeping deeply alone on my
it felt like nothing new
since you’ve been gone
my mind is getting used to
you not being around
but my heart aches for you
as it misses the feeling of yours
beating against my chest.
I am trying to live without
your breath on my lips
you used to kiss me so gently
getting in and out of bed
now I can only have you
within the dreams I have

Poem – goodbye

Deserted again

Abducted heart

Lost within

Left abnormal

She’s lacking


Since he

Had an affair

Repeating his mistake

She caught him

In his lies

After he promised

He wouldn’t

Hurt her again

She was tired of

Catching him lying

So she finally

Decided to say


For the last time

This Madness- poem

This pain I have

Won’t leave my side

Constantly I’m aching

Feeling myself breaking

I’m shattering

Into many pieces

I can’t be recollected

This time

Wondering what’s the point

Any longer

I feel my brain

Is on fire

I want to scream

Instead I cry

Wondering why

I can’t wake up

From this dream

No going back

To how it used to be

There is no you and I
Forever we’re broken

I feel like

I’m choking

On all your lies

Now I have to accept

You wanna leave me behind

I just wish

I wasn’t so blind

This whole entire time

You and I

Can’t be healed

Telling me you

Want to end your life

Hoping this isn’t

The only answer

To all this madness

I know I will never

Get this off my mind

No Voice – Poetry


i have to make a choice
but i feel i no longer
even have a voice
to spill the feelings
i have deep inside
it is even hard
to cry
like i lost
the will to spill
any type of emotion
i toss and turn
in my bed all night
wishing i didn’t
have this stress
surrounding in my head
i can’t rest
these endless thoughts
are tearing apart
my weak mind
i ask myself why
i even need to choose
i need to stop
being pulled
back and forth
i don’t know
how much more i
can take
just wishing
everything around me
just turned blank.

Poem – End My Life

saddarkgirl (1)

What do I do in a time like this
All I wish is for it to end
Hard to pretend
I am going insane
Within my head
Feeling drained
I would rather be dead
Than to continue
This endless pain
Feeling used
What do I do
In a time like this
Waiting for the night
I decide to end my life
So I can stop
All the thoughts
I am forever drowning in