Sad Ambient Music with Poetry – Let Me Go

Will you let me go

This time for real

Stop trying to steal

My heart

Always torn

After you leave

Wishing I would

Stop believing

You will always be

The guy for me

When in reality

Your made of stone

You must have no emotion

To let me always go alone

I need to forget

These broken memories

Of you and I

Stop thinking you will change

For somebody like me

I am not worthy

Of your devotion

Always leaving

Me feeling dirty

And heart broken.




Poem – Sweet Dreams


Sweet dreams
He whispered
In my ear
Every night
Until one day
He left me
My daddy
How could you
Just forget
The love you
Had for me?
I can’t sleep
Well without
The words
You used to
Speak to me
Every night before
I slept…
I felt lost
When you
Walked out
The door
Thinking what
I have done so
Wrong to cause
Such a tragedy?
I used to watch
Out my window
Hoping for you
To come back
To me
But you never did
Growing up I realize
Maybe I was not
Worth your time
In the first place
And I am sorry
I ever existed
Wishing I could
Turn back time
And not waste
So much energy
In hoping you
Would come
Back to me
My daddy
I once thought
You were my
But you left
Me with nothing
Making me believe
From then on
I’m not worth
To anyone
I feel my life
Could have been
A little different
If you weren’t
So selfish.

Poem – Servant


your not what
i expected
you were in
when i met you
how did i miss
something so
it was right
in front of my eyes
i didn’t see a monster
you had me
under a spell
i could not tell
You were evil then
we married
in your backyard
within one night
i realized i was
in trouble
as you liked to
watch me bleed
as you cut me
and tied me up
i was your servant
not your wife
treating me with
no respect
wishing i could
run and hide
but he has me
hidden inside
of his basement.

Dark Ambient Music & Poetry – Running Away

She’s running away

From it all

This time

She knows

She won’t come back

To the same pain

That haunts her there

She will stay

Away forever

From the hate

They live by

She wishes

It didn’t have

To be this way

To leave her

Only family

But she would

Rather be alone

Than to accept

Their rules

In the cult

They created

Hurting lives

Every day like

Theirs don’t matter

She fears

They may find her

But she knows

She has to be

Braver this time

Stronger this time

Smarter and wiser

This time

Running away

From everything

From her past

Still living

With mistakes

That linger within

Her young head

But she knows

If she stayed

She would have

Ended up dead

They never liked

A rebel

A girl with

Different dreams

It seems

Like this is

The only way

She will survive

By running away

From them

This Horrible Place – Poetry


Little girl
Crying again
Wishing her pain
Would finally end
Hiding under her bed
With her baby blanket
Wishing she were dead
Instead of him
Coming for more
She told him she
Was too sore
For another beating
No point in fighting
It only gets worse
Curse word after
Curse word coming
From his mouth
She feels sickened inside
Never understanding why
She was the one
He chosen to torture
She goes to sleep
Bleeding everynight
Her mother a drug addict
Working the corners
To make a little cash
Only to get home
To be called a whore
Loud enough for her
To wake up
Just to hear more beating
But this time it
Was her mother
Taking the torture
He loved to afflict pain
On both of them
As if they were his
Punching bags
Being used everyday
Just wishing for
The day someone comes
And takes her away
From this horrible place