Hidden Message – Micro Poetry


She wrote
Soon she’ll be dead
On a piece of paper
She had it hidden
In her room
Under some books
In hope no one
Will find it
Before she
Decides to
Take her final breath.


Poetry Video – Where Do I Belong?

Where do I belong
In this world
Full of perfection
I’m not meant
To be colorful
With a constant smile
On my naive face
I can’t be like them
I wish I knew
What it was like
To be that euphoric
I remind myself
That no one is
That anyone can be
Solid at appearing
To be normal
When they can be
Just like me
Faking it
Keeping their
Deep inside their minds

Poem – Stay Strong


I’ve been told to stay strong
It will be alright
I always thought
Yeah right,
You always say that.
It’s never okay
I just pretend
Infront of them
So they stop asking me
What’s wrong?
Stop crying,
Stay strong.
You’re not supposed to be sad,
Grow up, stand up
Get over yourself
There are other’s out there with
More struggles than you
I feel broken
But I stay silent
Around everybody now
No one understands
The unending torture
Inside my throbbing mind
Constant headaches
Hoping one day
I will be alright
To finally
Be strong
Like everyone wants me to be
To stand up straight
Walk by with a real smile
Instead of always being fake
How much more
Can I really take
Of this pain that haunts
My everyday life
Can I get over this
I feel like I have to
I don’t want to fail you
I promise to get healthier
I promise to stop hurting
Just so you can
Stop worrying about me
I will wake up tomorrow
With a better perspective
I promise
I promise to be
What you want me to be
I will be a stronger me.

Poem – Dark Sad Girl


Dark sad girl
Wearing all black
Staring at her phone
With her tears filling up
Trying to not let
Anyone see
The pain
That’s controlling her
Every waking hour of everyday
When she walks by
She keeps her eyes
Staring at the ground
Hoping no one
Will see
Her endless cries
Trying not to make a sound
As she continues to hide
Her sorrows
It’s hard for her
To be happy
She never felt
That she belonged
In this world
Created by God.

Poetry – Zombie


I’m under the night sky
Staring up at the clouds
Wishing I can wish upon
The brightest star
In hope my wish would
Come true this time
I need to be healed
From the lies
That have poisoned
My mind
I’ve lost all control
Of my emotions
A walking zombie
Is what I have become.