Feeling as if I don’t exist

Ignored like the dirt

Brushed under the rug

That you left and forgot


Feeling dark and neurotic

Can’t control my thoughts

Missing our late night talks

And our morning walks


But your love for me ended

We don’t speak to another

You look right through my eyes

Leaving me feeling paralyzed


Demented without your touch

You were all I ever wanted

My skin flushed with anger

Ever since you departed


Sleepless nights and uneaten dinner

Lying around in the darkness

Drinking more and more liquor

Feeling more and more heartless


I become utterly useless

I forget how to breathe

I begin to vanish

My heart turns bleak



My heart broke in pieces
As I watched him
Passionately kiss her
I was not what he needed

I used to be his only
The one he cuddled at night
But things changed suddenly
We always had to fight

Gone for hours
He left me behind
Our relationship soured
He became more unkind

His words were negative
His touch turned cold
I was delicate
Easy to break and control

He knew this so he kept
Pushing and pulling me in
It was hard to accept
He was touching her skin

I tried to run away
But he tied me down
Threatened to slay
If I attempted to leave town

Now I sit alone in bed
Scared what will happen next
Hanging on a thread
I am his unloved object.

These Feelings


Another day

Where I need

To take time

To breathe deep


Hard to keep

These feelings

I have had

To hide


I take a drive

Deciding if

I might

Speak my mind


The second

I see you

I freeze

And stay mute


I pollute

My mind

With negative

Thoughts again


Hard to explain

These feelings

I have for you

If you only knew.