I’m hearing them call my name

To them it’s all a game

They like to play with my mind

Words they say are never kind

I get down on my knees to pray

Once again I ask for another day

I promise to God I’ll be stronger

But sometimes it’s hard staying sober

I again ask for his forgiveness

Tired of all this endless madness

I want to get rid of my sins in this life

Cut them out like a sharp knife

I have made too many mistakes

Sometimes I wonder if it is too late

I feel relieved with the escapes

Thankful God never gave up on me

Dark Ray

Why do I put myself in this place
This world where I don’t want to face
Another person with eyes of disgrace
Want to leave without a trace

They are always finding their way
Back in and I end up not okay
Always surrounded by a dark ray
Waiting for myself to decay

Again I let myself drown
In a tunnel of the unknown
Trying to find a crown
I have never owned

Am I Okay

Am I okay?

Always asking me

Am I okay?

Can’t let me be

No I’m not okay…

Always asking me

Can I stay?

Can I stay?…

No I can’t stay…

Because I’m not okay

I’m not okay

When you always say

I am not there

I am not there

I am not there…

Because you’re always asking

Always asking why

I make you cry

I make you cry?

Maybe because I’m

No longer there

No longer there

I can no longer die

I can no longer hide

You are killing me inside

I can no longer confide

The nights are long

I can no longer

Stay strong

The days are too long

Always answering you wrong

Now I write how I feel

Down in a song

Because of you

Because of you

Always asking why

Why I make you cry

Always wondering if

I am okay

am I okay

No but I will ber okay…

Because I’ll no longer stay

If your always asking me why

Why I can no longer

Listen to you cry and complain

Time to breathe

Let the tears become the rain

Let the rain

Take away the storm

Let the storm take away my pain

Soon I’ll take a new form

A form I will not need to overcome

I will be strong because

I know you were in the wrong

Now you can no longer ask me

You can’t ask me to wait

You can’t ask me to participate

In the games you once played

We will never be the same

I will find my own way

Forever.. is now the end..

The music that is playing in the background

The photos that are spread on the floor

Believe me when I say this to you

Before you decide to step foot out the door

This may take forever

But I am willing to make a change

I hope that you never

Will leave because you think I am strange

I read a story once about how

I knew that you would arrive in my life

We would have one month together

But it would not surivive

You and I are lost and confused

Trying to help each other

We should have supported another

But instead we both abused

We both wanted to know too much

Instead of letting our feelings grow

We both knew we were in the wrong

Tried to stay friends but

There is no staying strong

It is time to stop saying forever

And time to say this is the end.

My Eyes..

Drying my eyes

As you walk by

Can’t let you know

How I feel

I’m afraid you won’t understand

Or you won’t feel the same

I know I am in love

But you haven’t met me yet

I’ve been watching from afar

As you are staring at your lover

She’s the opposite of me

So I’ve been letting it be

Hoping one day your eyes

Would wonder this way

Look into my daze

And maybe want to stay

Even if we were only friends

I just wish I could share

Give each other our two cents

Breathe the same air

I can always wish one day

But I know the chances are slim

I know I’d be okay

It all depends on time

You… – Love Poem

You see me fall over and over

It is not fair to you

My life I explain to you is dull

but you were always there

Through the toughest of weather

And the longest of nights

We were always together

Even after the worst of fights

Although I was always sad

Told you I was just a lost cause

You were all I ever had

The one who loved me the most

We walked through the desert

We walked through the blizzard

You handed me your heart

You are my knight and my wizard