All Lies (Free Verse)


Once we grow older
And realize
Our lives truly have
No meaning
Some of us
Can’t stand
The idea of living
Any longer
The truth itself
Kills them inside
Not knowing why
They really exist
Can’t understand
Why they have
To eventually die
Some of us
Live on with knowing
They may
Never find answers
And some of us
Can’t live with not knowing
The true meaning
Of living
With the planet
Full of evil
And unending hate
Full of lies
Upon lies
Just to make
Us live on
But why
Why do we live
Why is suicide
A crime?
Can’t we choose
If we want to die?
Without being hated
Sick of hearing the lies.
Are they hoping
We forget
That we don’t know
Why we really
Are here
That we will continue
To grow with their lies
Until the day
Someone decides
That we no longer
Have to suffer
The day that
Someone will end
Every human life
As if we never
Mattered in the first place
Just to be replaced
By another breed
Can’t we all see
That we are living
One big endless lie?


Lost in My Mind


feeling useless
nothing to give
motivation faded
intensely jaded
no reason
to live
feeling miserable
i can’t fix myself
truly afraid
infinitely frayed
deteriorating health
feeling trapped
in my brain
no one to confide
All i do is lie
keeping my
secrets inside
feeling unstable
to feel fine
hard to breathe
staying discreet
lost in my mind.



Monster She Married


She thought she fell
For the right man
So she married him
On their wedding night
He showed her
His evil side
Since then
She lives with
This monster
Locked inside
The home he built
For her to stay
For eternity
Forced down
Onto her knee’s
Daily for his
Constant urge
Of pleasure
She is used
Because he
Loves to
Watch her
Constantly abused.