Poetry – Another Regret

I can’t stand this pain

That lingers within my brain

Flowing through my veins

Driving me insane

Waiting for you again

Standing alone in the rain

I should have known

You’d end up another regret

Alone in the Universe – Poetry

There is nothing worse
Than feeling
Completely alone
In this universe
No one to hold
Staring up at the ceiling
Wishing there was someone
Who would embrace
What is remaining
Although you’re torn
Barely hanging on
Dreaming of being reborn
Feeling too forgone
Yet you still hold on
Hoping that someone
Would reach out
And offer their warmth
Through the storm

Haze – Poetry

Mind in a haze

Feeling malaise

Forever in a cage

Full of rage

Thoughts of pain

Fully drained

Empty butane

Lost in a hurricane

Of uninvited emotions

Tears creating oceans

Only one solution

Another escape

Enemies invaded

Inside my brain

Controlling me

All over again

Poetry — The Voices

The voices inside my head

Are telling me I am crazy again

Telling me I am better of dead

Than being this insane

Life it drains

Every drip of blood

I have left inside

Leaving a flood

A river on the floor

Overflowing under the door

My heart left

Forever torn

Their Pleasure

Her heart aching

Behind the wall

She had created

To protect herself

From endless heartbreak

Everytime she gave

Away her heart

In the end broke

She was never

Enough for anyone

Everytime she was used

For their pleasure