I Remember You (Fifteen Word Poetry)


I remember you
But your face
Is starting
To fade
I wish you
Could’ve stayed


Hid Her Tears


she hides her tears
as she fears
she’ll reveal
her deepest secrets
she forgets
how to feel
to remind herself
she bleeds
by cutting
with her knife
deeper and
deeper everytime
she hates her life
she wants it to end
she believes
she’ll never find
a true friend
she draws
darkness on paper
in hope
someone will
save her
she writes
a letter
to everyone
she ever met
told them
how she
they regret
that they
chose to ignore
her sadness
that she
was a mess
but it
was hard to confess
that she
hated herself
she hid her tears
she wished
reached out
before it
was too late
she felt
her death
was her fate
she took
her blade
and cut
one last time
she couldn’t
and fight
she decided
to leave
her life
that night.

My Death


my mother smoked
my father smoked
hit after hit
toke after toke
little did they know
back then they’d
affect my health
that one day
they would cause
my death
there i laid
in front of them
lifeless, i’m gone
they knew then
they had killed me
just so they
could have some fun
i didn’t have a chance
to have a dad or mom
i died before i was born
inside my mother’s womb
she knew i was there
i kicked every time
she took a hit
i lost my breath
one last time
i closed my eyes
and she felt me die